Impact of Motivational Factors on Teachers of Higher Education
Volume: 17 Number: 1 Year: 2017

Jayanti Srivastav
Farhina Sardar Khan


Since teaching is one of the most important and noble profession in the world it is very important to continuously evaluate the system to brings in better prospects for a teacher. Teaching fraternity is the pillar of educational system of any Nation. Teachers play an imperative role in building the personality of individuals. The paper helps us in assessing that how teachers’ motivation level is critical for the successful functioning of educational system and for improving the quality of educational institutions. Being a multifaceted phenomenon, motivation brings along a wide range of struggle for both employers and employees. The aim of this paper research is to identify and discuss the factors that influence higher education teachers’ motivation and impact on their lives. The dimensions of private institutes/universities can be understood with more humane angle. The study has resulted into an indication that teachers’ motivation level is affected by the several work related factors. It is advent that private institutions faculty members are motivated by financial factors and academic growth opportunity and supportive work environment to name a few as non-financial factors. The empirical study of intrinsic and extrinsic dimensions of motivation gives us food for thought to develop or redesign the policies of higher education employees with more sensitivity.

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