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Centres for Excellence

Centres of Excellence provide students with state-of-the-art learning environments to offer an unmatched experience.

This Centre create synergies, promote trans-disciplinary dialogue and leverage expertise and networks to engage studenst and other stakeholders across and beyond campus to.

These centres focuses on research, educational programmes and resources, and fostering the development and dissemination of new research methodologies, curricula and teaching pedagogy throughout its extensive local, national and international networks.

Centre for Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Business focus on to train, mentor and entrepreneurial skill among students, first-generation entrepreneurs and family business owners in the region. The Centre also actively engages with local entrepreneurs and start-ups to help them establish and scale their business in the region. CEFB organises nationwide online business plan competition named as Neo Business Plan competition which attracted around 100 applications from premium institute of India like IITs and IIMs.

Currently three incubates – Eduroomz, BDesi, and StarkPower are supported by centre for Entrepreneurship and family business (CEFB)


With the objective to promote an entrepreneurship culture in the institute and in the nearby region to produce entrepreneurs in order to generate wealth & self-employment, the Innovation and Incubation Centre (IIC) was established in the institute in 2018 under the aegis of Centre of Entrepreneurship and family business. (CEFB).

IIC offers a whole bouquet of incubation facilities and services to budding entrepreneurs and to convert their innovative ideas into commercially viable products. IIC incubates ventures in technology, fintec, education and other interdisciplinary areas. IIC organise regular events like entrepreneurial talk series, workshops and seminars to develop entrepreneurial ecosystem in the nearby area.

  • To develop entrepreneurial culture, by providing platform for the students, alumni, and faculty, to transform their business ideas to reality.
  • To provide a conducive environment to the incubatees to nurture their business ideas.
  • To develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region by collaboration with private and public sector funding sources, government agencies, industrial associations, chambers of commerce and industries

Stark Power which is social for-profit venture started by our alumni Sama Mehndi is developing a portable smart self-sustainable toilet which can be installed at crowded places and will generate power generation using urine and solar.

EDUROOMZ started by Jaipuria student Akshay, Eduroomz is an aggregator for classrooms available within city limits and can be booked on hourly basis by coaching institutes.

Bdesi founded by Anurag is a platform for artisans and designers which is helping them to directly
connect with buyers. The platform will use Augmented Reality for virtual trial rooms.

  • Sudhanshu Rastogi : Angel Investor, MD(SARC)
  • Rohit Swaroop : Chairman ( ), Founder, Director , Xplora Design Skool
  • Prof. Satyajit Majumdar : Professor, Center for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Kiron Chopra – Chairman and Managing Director – Chopra Retec Rubber Products Limited

Centre for Teaching & Learning

Centre for Learning technologies was founded under Centre of Teaching and Learning on 26th March, 2018. Earlier, the centre was named Centre for Learning, Innovation and Case Development. On March 26, 2018, it got bifurcated into two sub centres – Learning Technologies and Case Development & Pedagogy.

Statement of Purpose
    The statement of purpose of the centre is as follows:
  • To promote the usage of ICT in the classroom to facilitate active student learning.
  • To promote the learning technologies like Flipped Classroom inside the classes to enhance the effectiveness of the teaching learning process.
  • To help the faculty members with the resources and support, to create online resources for various courses including Flipped Videos, MOOC courses etc.
Activities Conducted Under The Centre
    Based on the statement of purpose, the centre is instrumental in following activities:
  • Flipped Videos – To enhance the effectiveness of the teaching learning process, the centre shoots flipped videos of different faculty members in various subjects. The same is used in the classroom to facilitate active learning process. Till date, the centre has developed 35 flipped videos. Some of these videos have been used in the class as a Flipped classroom. The list of the flipped videos is given below:
Sl. No. Name of the Professor Topic Duration (In Minutes)
1 Prof. Himanshu Retailing 06:43 mins
2 Prof. Pallavi Social Media In Training and Development 04:58 mins
3 Prof. Pallavi Recruitment Communication 14:38 mins
4 Prof. Kajal Negotiation Skills 16:16 mins
5 Prof. Swati Poor Listening Habits 11:53 mins
6 Prof. Shyam ji Micro-Finance 05:20 mins
7 Prof. Reena Accounting Fundamentals 08:00 mins
8 Prof. Reena Financial Statement of Business Organisation 15:16 mins
9 Prof. Parihar Visual Merchandising Part 1 08:02 mins
10 Prof. Parihar Visual Merchandising Part 2 13:20 mins
11 Prof. Rashmi Understanding Profit & Loss Statement Part 1 07:58 mins
12 Prof. Rashmi Understanding Profit & Loss Statement Part 2 07.02 mins
13 Prof. Rashmi Understanding Profit & Loss Statement Part 3 4.14 mins
14 Prof. Vijay Business Buying Decision Process 06:20 mins
15 Prof. Vijay Business Markting 04:52 mins
16 Prof. Athar Social Security 07:35 mins
17 Factories Act 1948 05:08 mins
18 Prof. Athar Management Game 07:42 mins
19 Prof. Kajal Interview Skills Part 1 08:19 mins
20 Prof. Kajal Interview Skills Part 2 09:55 mins
21 Prof. Hemendra Retirement planning Part 1 24:16 mins
22 Prof. Hemendra Retirement planning Part 2 12:19 mins
23 Prof. Swati Business E-Mail Writing Etiquettes Part 1 04:56 mins
24 Prof. Swati Business E-Mail Writing Etiquettes Part 2 11:37 mins
25 Prof. Swati Business E-Mail Writing Etiquettes Part 3 07:50 mins
26 Prof. Deepak Excel 09:22 mins
27 Prof.Pallavi Employer Branding 12:57 mins
28 Prof. Richa Hypothesis Testing Part 1 01:49 mins
29 Prof. Richa Hypothesis Testing Part 2 01:54 mins
30 Prof. Richa Regression Analysis 02:04 mins
31 Prof. Anupam Life Cycle Ownership and Break Even Analysis 06:13 mins
32 Prof. Anupam Managing Capacity & Demand 05:12 mins
33 Prof. Vijay Business Buying Decision Process Under Edit
34 Prof. Ratna Strategy Under Edit
35 Prof. Ratna Strategy Under Edit
  • MOOC Course – The centre has developed a MOOC Course in the area of Marketing named ‘Fundamentals of Marketing’ by Prof. Vijay Prakash Anand. It contains 18 videos of around two hour duration. The details of the MOOC course is as follows:
Sl No Name of the Professor Topic Duration (In Minutes)
1 Prof. Vijay What is Marketing 08:06 mins
2 Prof. Vijay Difference Between Marketing And Selling 03:08 mins
3 Prof. Vijay Marketing Mix – 4Ps of Marketing 08:26 mins
4 Prof. Vijay Marketing Mix – 7Ps of Marketing 04:47 mins
5 Prof. Vijay Consumer Behaviour
6 Prof. Vijay Meaning and Importance of Marketing Research 03:54 mins
7 Prof. Vijay SWOT Analysis 03:57 mins
8 Prof. Vijay Ansoff Matrix 05:57 mins
9 Prof. Vijay BCG Matrix 07:58 mins
10 Prof. Vijay Business Marketing 05:15 mins
11 Prof. Vijay Brand 05:11 mins
12 Prof. Vijay Product Life Cycle 04:18 mins
13 Prof. Vijay What Is A Price 03:09 mins
4 Prof. Vijay Place 03:07 mins
15 Prof. Vijay Need For Marketing Channel 02:56 mins
6 Prof. Vijay Promotion 05:10 mins
17 Prof. Vijay Advertising 06:26 mins
18 Prof. Vijay Digital Marketing 06:47 mins
  • Workshops – The Centre for Teaching and Learning has conducted two Workshops for the faculty members to enhance their knowledge of flipped classrooms and MOOC Courses. The same is also helping them conduct flipped classroom exercise for their courses.
  • Workshop on ‘How to conduct Flipped Classes’ – This workshop was organized on 5th July, 2018 by Prof Vijay Prakash Anand. This workshop was conducted to help faculty members prepare for the recording and conduct of the flipped classroom.
  • Workshop on ‘MOOCs and Flipped Classes’ – This full day workshop was organized on 22nd Sept., 2018 by Prof. T. V. Prabhakar, Prof. K. T. Revathy and Prof. Neeraj Misra from IIT Kanpur.
  • YouTube Live – The centre also conduct YouTube Live session for the students, alumni and professionals. Prof. Vijay Prakash Anand went Live on the topic ‘Marketing in the Digital Era’ on 22nd Aug., 2019 between 3.15pm to 4.00pm on the link:
  • YouTube Channel – The centre also encourages faculty members to have their own YouTube Channel for thought leadership. Prof Vijay Prakash Anand’s YouTube Channel ‘Marketing By Vijay’ is fairly popular among students and professionals and currently has 2.60 Million Views with 58,424 plus subscribers base.
  • MOOC Course on Udemy – The centre also encourages faculty members to have their MOOC courses on public platforms like Udemy. Faculties from Jaipuria has courses on Udemy in the area of Marketing named ‘Fundamentals of Marketing’ and ‘Marketing Management Masterclass’. Both these courses have more than 9,500 enrolments from all across the world.
State of the Art Video and Post Production Studio
Currently the centre has developed a state of the art Video Studio with all the necessary camera, lights and audio equipment. The centre also has a post-production set up to edit the videos in-house. The centre employs a dedicated Video Studio In-charge – Mr Jayant Mehra, who looks after the shooting and post production under the guidance of the chair Dr. Vijay Prakash Anand.

Student Development Council

Student Council & representation of students on academic & administrative bodies/committees of the institution

The Student Development Council(SDC) consists of student representatives elected by students and selected by panel of experts after thorough evaluation and interview process. An ideal representative should be willing to move the extra mile and contribute to the success of institute.

  1. Student President: He/she will be the leader of the student body and will be handling the overall responsibility of the students and SDC. He/she will be responsible to develop and maintain positive relationships with the student body through availability, accountability, credibility and confidentiality.
  2. Student Vice-President: The next in line after Student President. He/she will also be a leader of the student body and would be handling the overall responsibility of the students and the SDC with Student President.
  3. Academic Programs Committee: The committee will work with Dean (Academics), Program Chairs and PMC to execute various academic policies and guidelines. They will be responsible for curating and managing student driven clubs for academic excellence and overall personality development such as communication club or domain specific clubs.
  4. Placements and Corporate Relations Committee: They will be responsible for building connections, to do outreach, to convert the prospective companies for campus placements and summer internships. Also, inviting industry mentors for webinars, trainings and asking them to provide opportunity for LIVE projects.
  5. Logistic Committee: This Committee’s main responsibility will be exploring & cultivating the new & innovative ideas to have corporate events / seminars / conferences on and off campus
  6. Social Responsibility Committee: This committee shall be responsible to show institutes concern for society and nation as well. They will organize events for creating an inclusive society (working with orphanages, old age homes, slums etc) in collaboration with NGO’s and the government.
  7. Media Relations Committee: This committee will be responsible for the media actions, public relations and IT issues on campus and off campus. They will also be responsible for handling pre and post coverage of media for the events happening on or off campus.
  8. Alumni Relations Committee: The committee will wholly be responsible for maintaining relationship with the alumni of the institute.
  9. International Relations Committee: The main responsibility of this Committee is to focus on building global relations. This committee will work to establish different Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s) that would benefit them for the student exchange program collaborating with their respective institutes.
  10. Cultural Committee: This Committee is responsible for conducting various cultural events on campus. They will provide students the platform to showcase their energy for extra-curricular activities.
  11. Sports & Wellness Committee: This committee is responsible for conducting various sports and wellness events on campus as well as in management fests etc.
  12. Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee: This committee will be responsible to promote good behaviour and compliance to the code of conduct of the institute. The committee will ensure proper grooming and uniform/formal wear, students carrying ID cards.
  13. Incubation Committee: The Incubation Committee shall look after all the promotions and networking of the incubation centre of the institute through social media outreach. This Committee will be responsible for promoting the culture of entrepreneurship in the institute and building a relationship with external government agencies, Incubation Centers or E-Cell of different institutes and corporate houses.
  14. Domain Forum Committee: The aim of this committee is to develop soft and hard skills in the students and provide a platform to test them. The idea is to organize competitions in different domains of finance, marketing, HR, operations, and business analytics, and collaborate with CMC to take up competitions from other B-Schools.

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