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IQAC NAAC Compliance

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IQAC Future Plan of Action 2022-23

IQAC ATR 2020-21

AQAR 2020-21

PO of all programs Batch 2019-21

Code of Ethics to Check Malpractices & Plagiarism in Research


Jaipuria Lucknow AQAR 2019-20

Office Order 69 2021 IQAC

CLO PGDM(FS) Term 1 to 3

CLO PGDM(RM) Term 1 to 3

CLO PGDM Term 1 to 3

Code of Ethics Jaipuria Lucknow

Jaipuria Lucknow AQAR 2019-20

Jaipuria Lucknow AQAR 2018-19

AQAR 2017-18

IQAC Meeting Minutes May-2020

IQAC Meeting Minutes March-2020

IQAC Meeting Minutes May-2019

IQAC Meeting Minutes Feb-2019

IQAC Meeting Minutes Jan-2018

Academic Calendar 2019-20

Academic Calendar 2018-19 (First Year)

Academic Calendar 2018-19 (Second-Year)

Best Practices 2019-20

Two Best Practices 2018-2019

Office Order-37 - 2020-IQAC


Combined IQAC Minutes

Social Responsibility Annual Plan 2022-23


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