Dr. Shalini Srivastava

Ph.D, M.A.
Associate Dean- Research and Publications


Email: shalini.srivastava@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Noida

Research Areas

Managerial Effectiveness, Student Engagement, Employee Engagement, Organisational Stress

Teaching Areas

Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource


Dr Shalini Srivastava is an academician, consultant, researcher, and trainer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Organizational Behaviour. At present, she is working as Associate Dean- Research and Publications and Professor (OB & HR) at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida. She is also the Co-Editor of Jaipuria International Journal of Management Research (JIJMR) and Verbajim (A bi-annual Magazine).

Her areas of interest are personality, managerial effectiveness, training and development, change management, employee engagement, Leadership.

Her research papers have been extensively published in reputed refereed journals like, Journal of Technology Management in China (Emerald), On the Horizon (Emerald), International Journal of Management Education ,Elsevier, (Science Direct Journal), International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion(Emerald),International Journal of Economics and Business Research (Inderscience), International Journal of Management and Development (Inderscience), European Journal Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (Inderscience),International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management (Inderscience), International Journal of Information Technology and Management (Inderscience), Metamorphosis (IIM-Lucknow), Global Business Review (IMI), Vision (MDI), MLS (XLRI), Paradigm (IMT), IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management (Malaysia) , Case Centre, Abhigyaan (FORE) and Drishtikon (Symbiosis) to name a few. She is also the reviewer of various referred Journals like Personnel Review-Emerald (A Category Journal),International Journal of Organisational Analysis-Emerald (A Category Journal) “Human Resource Development Quarterly” an International Journal of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China, South Asian Journal of Management (SAJM),Sage, and Asia Pacific Business Review. She is also the guest editor of two Inderscience Journals.

Her paper entitled, “Leader Effectiveness in Emerging Markets” has been awarded as a Highly Commendable Paper of year 2014 by Emerald Publishing Group.

She has worked on consulting assignments and imparted training programmes in organizations like Fortis, IFFCO, NTPC, ONGC, NHPC, XANSA, OBC, ESI in the areas of Conflict Management, Enhancing Sales Productivity and Efficiency. Leadership,Team Building, Motivation, Time Management, Psychometric Testing, Emotional Intelligence and Self-awareness.




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Other Papers

(2016), “Work Deviant Behavior-Employee En¬gagement: An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Ethical Leadership of Indian Middle Level Managers” (Drishtikon-A management Journal-Symbiosis Center for Management & Human Resources Development, Pune (SCMHRD) ,Volume 7, Issue 2, March 2016-September 2016)

(2016), “Investigating the role of Personality Variable (LOC) & Impression Management Relationship: An Empirical investigation of the role of Demographic Variables & Sectoral Differences of Managers"” (OPUS- Organization, People and Us- HR Journal, Symbiosis, Pune ,Volume 7, Issue 1)-Co-authored

(2015), “Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction & Demographic Relationship: An Empirical Study of Private Sector Bank Managers” (FIIB Business Review. Volume 4, Issue 2, April - June 2015) (Co-authored)

(2011),"Effect of Tolerance of Ambiguity and Locus of control on Job Satisfaction”(Journal of IPEM, July-December,Vol.5,Issue 2,Pgs 47-53,ISSN 0974-8903)

(2011),Stress-Managerial Effectiveness Relationship : Impact of Moderating Variable" –(Journal of Management Research in Emerging Economies ,FMS, Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur ,Vol.1,Jan-June,No.1,pp.38-59, ISSN 2229-4252)- Co-Authored

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“Understanding the Impact of Locus of Control and Tolerance for Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study on IT Sector Managers”, FIIB (Co-Authored)

Papers Under Review:

Development and Validation of Employee Empowerment Scale -Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes-Elsevier-Science Direct Scopus Indexed

Examining the Inter-relationship between leadership styles, organizational learning capability, and job satisfaction: an empirical study of Indian IT companies- Leadership and Organisational Development-Emerald-Scopus Indexed

Psychological Empowerment as a Stimulus of Organizational Commitment and Quality of Work-Life: A Comparative Study between Egypt and India- International Journal of Economics and Business Research ,Inderscience-Scopus Indexed

“The Saviors are also Humans”: Understanding the role of Quality of Work life On Job Burnout and Job Satisfaction Relationship of Indian Doctors- Journal of Health,Organisation and Management, Emerald -Scopus Indexed

Does Personality Affects Work-Family Conflict? Role of Emotional Intelligence: A Study on Managers, Personnel Review, Emerald -Scopus Indexed

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