Dr. Romi Sainy

Ph.D, MBA Google Certified
Associate Professor (Marketing)
Dean Academics


Email: romi.sainy@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Indore

Research Areas

Retail Service Quality, Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement

Teaching Areas



Dr. Romi Sainy possesses over seventeen years of work experience in academics, training, and research in the area of marketing, retail, and consumer behavior. She had developed a training manual for teaching effectiveness. She has several publications to her credit published in referred and refereed journals and had participated in several National and International conferences, seminars, and workshops across the country. Her work is published in a reputed refereed journal. She has also published a case book on Digital Marketing Cases from India. Her current research includes working papers on omnichannel retailing and Social Commerce.

She held various academic and administrative positions in premier management schools of the country like ICFAI Business School, Prestige Institute of Management to name a few. She has conducted many seminars/workshops for students at Post Graduate/Ph.D. levels from topic ranging from research methodology, self-effectiveness to career choices. She also conducts training programs and Management Development Programmes for middle to senior-level employees corporate, like BASF- - The Chemical Company, LFPL, Power Grid Corporation, Narcotics Department (MPCG), NLU Nagur, Tata International Dewas to name a few in the area of the customer relationship, service excellence, enhancing sales and marketing function, Digital Marketing and enhancing self-effectiveness. She is a recipient of the best paper award at IIM Indore- NASMIE Annual Conference. She also won the best faculty award for teaching quality at the Jaipuria Institute of Management. She is proficient in outcome-based education and processes involved for NBA accreditation, AACSB AICTE documentation, and Rankings. Currently, she is Dean Academics at Jaipuria Indore.


Sainy R. and Jore S., (2017). Demographics as determinants of consumption pattern of packaged food products: A post globalization study in India. Unnayan: International Bulletin of Management and Economics Vol. VII.

Sainy R. and Attri R. (2018). Impact of Brand Communication on Customer Brand Loyalty: A Study on Mobile Service Providers. International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Sciences Vol. 1 (6).

Sainy, R. (2018) Factors Affecting Buying Behaviour of Eco friendly Cars. International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) 1(2), pp.3.

Sainy, R., & Solanki, M. K. (2018). The factor affecting student's Satisfaction level in Management Institutions. Unnayan: International Bulletin of Management and Economics Vol. VIII

Naidu, A., & Sainy, R. (2018). Does technology readiness predict banking self-service technologies usage in India? International Journal of Electronic Banking, 1(2), 129-149.

Sainy R. (2018), Outcome Based Education: A Conceptual Framework, International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume II, Issue IX

Sainy Romi, 2016; A Study of Factors affecting Stock Price Volatility: Perception of Stock Brokers published in Intercontinental Journal of Finance Research Review Vol.4 (1), February 2016.

Sainy Romi, 2010; The Effect of Demographic Variables on Service Quality Dimensions and Customer Loyal published in EB Journal of Management and Research.

Sainy Romi, 2010; The Effect of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty in Retail Outlets published in Vilakshan, XIMB Journal of Management, Vol. VII, Issue-2, Sept. 2010.

Sainy Romi, 2010; A Study of Factors Affecting the Selection of B Schools by Indian Students published in Dristhtikon A Management Journal SCMHRD, Pune, Vol 1, Mar-Sept 2010.

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Sainy Romi, 2008; Immutable Steps to Build Global Service Brands in National Seminar held at LNCT-MER Indore on 10-11 Oct. 2008.

Sainy Romi, 2007; Mutual fund: An Investment Avenue in National Seminar titled Current Issues in Management Scenario in Functional Areas- A Global View held at LNCT Indore on September 15, 2007. published in Prodyougiki aur Prabhandan Volume 1.

Sainy Romi, 2007; Globalization as an agent of change: A study of consumption pattern of Indian Consumers in International conference at IBS Ahmedabad on 27- 29 Dec. 2007.

Consumer Need for Uniqueness and Product Innovation in Selection of Mobile Phone” in New Age Marketing : Emerging Realities, Eds. Upinder Dhar, V V Nath, satish K Nair and Prabat Kumar Yadav.

A Study on Customer Relationship Management Practices in Banking Sector with Special Reference to Kotak Mahindra Bank accepted for publication in Synthesis Journal of Management.

Cases in Management, 13/2005 Title: Dilemma of Sharad Oberoi.

Cases in Management, 14/2006 Title: News Update: Designed by the Readers.

Vishesh: A Distintive Diagonostic Centre, Case Methods in Management Education and training- Text and Illustrations vol. 2(2).

Samsonite: Branding Fashionable Luggage, presented at NCSMI at Jaipuria Indore, 30 April 2016

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