Dr. Richa Misra

Ph.D., PGDITM, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor


Email: richa.misra@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Noida

Research Areas

CRM, E-Business and e-commerce, Business Intelligence

Teaching Areas

Information Technology, Decision Science


Dr Richa Misra is working as an Assistant Professor (General Management) in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida Which is also the 12th amongst Private B-Schools in North India. She has done her Doctorate in Management from Amity University. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience in the field of IT and Decision Science.

Her research papers and cases have been published in reputed refereed journals like On the horizon Emerald, International Journal of Logistics and Economics (Inderscience), Journal of Information and Organizational Sciences, ECCH, Abhigyaan(FORE), BHU (IT), IBS Business Review, Smart Journal of Management, Fortune Business Review and International Islamic University Malaysia. She has also presented her Cases and Research at various international conferences and forums.

She has imparted training in various organizations in the areas of IT Security, Qualitative and Quantitative research methods, data analysis and decision making, and Quantitative Techniques for HR and Marketing perceptive.


Misra Richa,(2009), “Fostering cross-selling in the financial service industry: an overview of tools and techniques”, Abhigyan: Foundation for Organisational Research & Education, Volume.27 No.2

Misra Richa,(2012), “Job Burnout & Organisational Commitment Relationship: moderating effect of Career Salience”: A (SMART Journal Of Business Management Studies, Vol 8, July Dec, Pgs. 18-28, ISSN 0973-1598)(Co-authored)

Misra Richa, (2012), “An Empirical Study on the Preference and Satisfaction for the Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Cellular Subscribers”; Abhigyan Management Journal of Fore Vol. 30, No.3, PP.23-33

Misra Richa, (2013), “Linking Cellular Subscriber Satisfaction and Service Quality: An Empirical Study on Delhi-NCR Cellular Subscribers, FIIB Business Review. Volume 2, Issue 2

Misra Richa, (2014), “Comparative Study of Mining Algorithms for Adaptive E-Learning Environment”, International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation, Inderscience Publication, VOL.6, NO. 2.

Misra Richa, (2015), “Review of Data Mining Techniques for Churn Prediction in Telecom”, Journal of Information and Organization Science, Inderscience Publication VOL. 37, NO. 2, PP.183-197

Misra Richa, (2016), "M-education in India: an effort to improve educational outcomes with a special emphasis on Ananya Bihar", On the Horizon, Vol. 24 NO. 2, pp. 153 - 165

Archiving ERP Data to Enhance Operational Effectiveness: The Case of Dolphin, Int. Journal of Information Technology and Management, Inderscience Publication

Understanding the Impact of Locus of Control and Tolerance for Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction: An Empirical Study on IT Sector Managers”, FIIB (Co-Authored)

Students’ perceptions of the value addition of management education and its enablers and barriers, Global Business Review

An Analysis of Factors Affecting Growth of Organic Food: Perception of Consumers in Delhi-NCR (India), British Food Journal, Emerald

Employes’s Conundrum”- published in Case Study Centre (416-0002-1) (co-authored)

“An answer to crime: M2M devices for women and child safety” – published in Case Study Centre (915-020-1) (co-authored)

“Dolphin: Sailing safely in the ocean of data” selected for ICMC’2015 (co-authored)

Case Study on Just Dial- “Dialing the right number” (IIUM Journal of Case Studies in Management, International Islamic University, Malaysia: Vol. 3 No 1: 25-34, 2012, ISSN 2180-2327) (Co-authored)

Misra, Richa. 2007, "A Dynamic decade of the mobile industry in India", Paper presented at ICFAI Hyderabad

Misra, Richa. 2007, "Knowledge Management – A Banking Perspective", Paper presented at 4th Renvoi-International Case Study Competition, Amity Business School, Amity University.

Misra, Richa. 2008, "IT-enabled CRM: Creating Customer Lifetime Value through Effective CRM in Banking Services Industry", Paper presented at International Conference on Supply Chain Management – 2008 held at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Misra, Richa. 2008, "IT Finishing School: An exploratory study in Indian Context", Paper presented at International Conference on Biodiversity, Dept. of Environment Science, Delhi University.

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