Dr. Reeti Agarwal

Assistant Professor, Chairperson- Media Relations Committee


Email: reeti.agarwal@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Lucknow

Research Areas

Customer Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Repurchase Behaviour

Teaching Areas

Marketing Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Dr. Reeti Agarwal is an Assistant Professor in the area of marketing and is the chair of the Media Relations Committee (MRC) at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. With a Ph. D. from the University of Lucknow in the area of Consumer Behaviour, her teaching career spans over seventeen years. Her areas of interest include CRM, Services Marketing, Retailing, and General Marketing.

Extensively involved in research, she has authored papers on CRM, Retailing, Household Buying Decision Making, Datamining etc. which have been extensively published in reputed refereed journals like Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (Elsevier), Journal of Targeting, Measurement, and Analysis for Marketing, Journal of Customer Behaviour, Global Business Review, Paradigm to name a few.


"Print Media: Analyzing Indian customers’ perspective & satisfaction level using CSI", The International Journal of Business and Management (IJBM), April 2016, 4(4), 107-113.

“Customers’ perspectives regarding e-banking in an emerging economy”, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (JRCS), September 2009, 16(5), 340-351.

”Classifying customers on the basis of their attitudes towards telemarketing”, Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing (JTMAM), September 2009, 17(3), 171–193.

“Telemarketing a bane or a boon for companies? - An assessment of customer attitude and perception towards telemarketing”, Journal of Customer Behaviour (JCB),Autumn 2009, 8(3), 257-291.

“Developing global competitiveness by assessing organized retail productivity using data envelopment analysis”, International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management, 2009, 4(2).

“Private label brands and their perception among Indian youth” AIMA Journal of Management & Research (AJMR), November 2009, 3(4/4).

“Understanding customers’ perception and evaluation of branded vs. unbranded apparels”, AIMA Journal of Management & Research (AJMR), 2009, 3(2/4).

“Sex role egalitarianism and relative spousal influence in household purchase decisions”, Paradigm, July 2008, 12(2).

“Public Transportation and Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Indian Railways” Global Business Review, August 2008, 9, 257-272,

“Analysis of Spousal Influence across Different Phases of Purchase Decision Process in Indian Families” Prabandh- periodic management journal of Bureau of Public Enterprises, U.P.

“Wife’s Work Status and Income as Determinants of Relative Spousal Influence in Family Purchase Decisions” Skyline Business Journal, the Journal of Skyline College, University City Area, Sharjah, UAE, Spring 2007, 3(2).

“A Study of Spousal Influence in Family Purchase Decisions” The ICFAI Journal of Consumer Behaviour, September 2007, 2(3).

“Psycho-Analysis of Customers of a Table-Service Restaurant” BVIMR-Management Edge, Journal of Bharti Vidhyapeeth Institute of Management & Research, July – December 2007.

“Customer Knowledge Management (CKM): Harnessing Customer Knowledge” published in a book named Knowledge Management in the Services Sector published by ICFAI University Press.

“Customer Knowledge Management (CKM): Harnessing Customer Knowledge” The ICFAIN Journal of Marketing Research, January 2006, 5(1)

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