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Dr. Oum Kumari R

MA, MPhil, NET ,Ph D
Assistant Professor


Email: oum.kumari@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Jaipur

Research Areas

Energy management and Environment

Teaching Areas

Micro Economics, Macro Economics, Indian Economy

Oum Kumari R is graduated and Post graduated in Economics Hons from University of Madras in 2004. She has also secured University rank in graduation. She completed her MPhil in Energy Economics from Presidency College Chennai in 2007. She qualified NET in 2006. She has been awarded Ph D in Economics from MNIT Jaipur in 2014. She worked as Assistant Professor at Manipal University Jaipur for 8 years and currently serving Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur campus since May 2023. She has published her research articles in the field of Energy management and Consumer Behaviour in various National and International Journals indexed in SCOPUS, ABDC and UGC care. She has edited four books and authored many chapters in various fields of Economics, Environment and Business. One of her book “Economics for Entrepreneurs” is under publication by Himalaya Publication Ltd in 2023.

Oum Kumari R, “Power crisis in Rajasthan-Measures to overcome it”, Indian journal for Social Sciences and Technology, Vol 3, 2009, (ISSN 0974-6846). (SCOPUS, EBSCO Index Journal), Indian Society of Education and Environment, Chennai.

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Oum Kumari R & Suhasini.Verma, “Macro Analysis of Residential Electricity Demand in Rajasthan for Demand Side Management” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH(SCOPUS Index Journal, ABDC Indexed Journal) Vol. 14 no. 4 (2016) issue.


Oum Kumari R & Suhasini Verma,” Role of Financial Literacy for Financial Inclusion” International Journal of Business and Applied Research” Vol. no. 4 (2016) issue. (SCOPUS Index Journal, ABDC Indexed Journal)

Oum Kumari R,” Challenges of Indian Power Sector- A road map for sustainable

development” Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, (2016) Vol 10 Issue 1 ISSN: 0974-2115 (SCOPUS Index Journal & Q4)


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Neetu Sharma, Sunita Chaudhary & Oum Kumari R, “Socio- Economic Benefits of Solar Parks- A Case Study of Jhodhpur Region (Rajasthan)”, The Indian Economic Journal, 2022 (ISSN:0019-4662), Special Issue on Rajasthan Economy, ABDC Indexed Journal-B Category Journal

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Md Sani Ibrahim & Oum Kumari R,” Factors Influencing Nigerian Farmers adoption of Solar Water Pumps for Agriculture Application”, Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government (2022), Volume 28, Issue:4 Pages 504-516. E-ISSN-1323-6903 and P-ISSN-2204-1990)  https://cibgp.com/article_18760.html, ABDC-C Category Article

Oum Kumari & Pratibha Mishra, “Life After Death- Saree as a memoir”,Textile:The Journal of Cloth and Culture (Q2), June 2022, Pg 1-3, (Print ISSN: 1475-9756 Online ISSN: 1751-8350)

Scopus Link: https://www.scopus.com/results/authorNamesList.uri?st1=kumari&st2=oum&origin=searchauthorlookup

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