Dr. Megha Jain

Ph.D., MBA, M.A.
Assistant Professor


Email: meghajain@jaipuria.ac.in
Location: Jaipuria Indore

Research Areas

Macroeconomic Studies, SEZs, Rural Economy, Indian Economy

Teaching Areas

Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics and Business Environment, International Economics and Business

Dr. Megha possesses over seventeen years of work experience in industry, academics, and research. She is a faculty in Economics and International Business with Jaipuria Institute of Management Indore She has been awarded a Doctorate on her research on Special Economic Zones in India in the year 2012 by Devi Ahilya University Indore. She has done her Masters in International Business from SOE, DAVV Indore. She has also attended a 10 weeks Faculty Development Program from the Indian Institute of Management Indore in 2014. At present, she is responsible for coordinating Institute’s CSR activities. She is also a member of the Entrepreneurship Cell of the institute. She has also done her certification courses on Business Analytics from IBM. She has conducted various MDPs on Marketing Management and Export Management in association with the Office of MSME, Indore. Apart from this, she has been a part of MDP for the Airport Authority of India, and various other companies. She has various research papers, published and presented to her credit. Her research interests include Macroeconomic studies, SEZs, Foreign Trade, Rural Economy, Indian Economy.

Mulchandani, Ketan, Mulchandani, Kalyani & Jain, Megha (2020) “Board Characteristics, Institutional Shareholding and Banks’ Performance: Evidence from Indian Banking Sector” IUP Journal of Corporate Governance

Mulchandani K., Jain M. and Mulchandani K. (2019), Comparative Analysis of Financial Performance of Listed Indian Public Sector Banks and Private Sector Banks (2019), Unnayan: International Bulletin of Management and Economics, Volume XII, ISSN No: 2349-7165, Impact Factor: 3.667

Jain M., Jhawar N. and Kushwaha V.S. (2018), A Conceptual Analysis on Accreditation and Ranking of B-Schools and Its Impact on Quality Education (2018), IndoreManagement Journal (IIM Indore), Volume X, Issue II, ISSN No: 0975 – 1653

Jain M. (2018), Does Size Reflect Earnings Management: An Evidence from India, Unnayan: International Bulletin of Management and Economics, Volume IX, ISSN No: 2349-7165, Impact Factor: 3.667

Jain M., Sahu N. (2017), Empirical Testing of Capital Asset Pricing Model: A Study of Selected Securities in India (2017), Unnayan: International Bulletin of Management and Economics, Volume VIII, Issue 1, ISSN No: 2349 -7165, Impact Factor: 3.667

Jain Megha, 2016. “An Empirical Study on Financial Performance of Selected Listed Commercial Banks in India” ZENITH International Journal of Business Economics & Management Research, Year : 2016, Volume : 6, Issue : 4, Online ISSN : 2249–8826.

Jain Megha, 2016 “Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Profitability of Listed Gold Loan Companies in India”, 2016, International Journal of Research in Commerce, Economics & Management (ISSN 2231 – 4245), June 2016

Jain Megha, 2009. “A Transformation Phase of Agricultural Development in India” (2009), Journal of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association, Vol.XX , Co-Authors: Prof. Kalyani Mulchandani, Prof. Ketan Mulchandani

Jain Megha, 2008.. “Vocational Personality and Perceived Employability in a Knowledge Driven Economy” , Journal of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association, Vol.XIX February. 2008

Jain Megha, 2007. “Chinese Direction to International Trade with Reference to Special Economic Zones ” Journal of LNCT – MER, Indore “Prabhandhan &Taqniki” Vol.1(1) Sept. 2007 pg.no.167-173, Co-authors: Vivek S.Kushwaha, Nidhi Vyas

Jain Megha, 2007. “Indian Rural Market: Challenges and Opportunities”, Journal of LNCT – MER, Indore “Prabhandhan&Taqniki” Vol,1(1) Sept. 2007 pg.no.158-166. Co-authors: Nidhi Vyas, Vivek S.Kushwaha

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