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Dr. Kajal Srivastava

Ph.D, MA
Assistant Professor
Chairperson PGDM-FS


Location: Jaipuria Lucknow

Research Areas

Business Communication, English Literature, Poetry

Teaching Areas

Business Communications


Dr. Kajal Srivastava is Ph.D. in English with more than twelve years of academic experience. She is an Assistant Professor in the field of Business Communication at Jaipuria Management Institute in Lucknow Campus. She has varied experience in the fields of both learning and teaching. This includes being the Director and Theory lecturer at Trounce, Lucknow. Thereafter, she became a part of Amity School of Languages, Amity University, Lucknow Campus. Having completed her O Levels from Lesotho, South Africa, and having stayed abroad for initial schooling, for a period of seventeen years, she has had the opportunity to understand the nuances of various cultures and people.

In addition to this, Dr. Kajal was the first Indian to have received the ECIS (European Council of International Schools) award for International Understanding in 1989. Furthermore, she has been a first division holder and a meritorious student through her educational time span. To add to this, she had also topped Dissertation during M.A (English) by securing 88% in it.

Her responsibilities included taking up English Literature classes for undergraduate and postgraduate students, training PGT and TGT aspirants, conducting Business Communication classes for both management and non-management students, conducting Personality Development Programs which included Leadership Qualities, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Office Etiquette and Business English.

Her interest lies in the field of Poetry and various poems written by her have been published in National and International Journals including the International Journal Of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture.

Furthermore, in the field of Business Communication, she has co-authored a paper titled; " A Study on Internal Communication Satisfaction and Perceived Impact on Employee Performance: The role of gender," which has been published in the UGC approved Intercontinental Management Research Consortium, June 2017 edition.


Srivastava Kajal, (2016), “Without You”Publication date: 2016/5. Journal: International Journal Of English: Literature, Language & Skills ISSN 2278 0742. Volume 5, Issue: Special Issue 1Page No: 20. Publisher: IJELLS

Srivastava Kajal, (2016), “The Life Of A Common Man On The Beaten Track”Publication date: 2016/2. Journal: Research Scholar An International Refereed e-Journal of Literary Explorations ISSN 2320 – 6101. Volume: 4, Issue: I, Pages No: 414, Publisher: Research Scholar

Srivastava Kajal, (2015), “Journey of Life,” Publication date: 2015/1. Journal: International Journal of English: Literature, Language and Skills (IJELLS), ISSN 2278 0742. Volume: 3: Issue: IV. Page No: 10. Publisher: International Journal of English: Literature, Language and Skills (IJELLS)

Srivastava, Kajal, (2014), “A Lone Desert,” Publication date: 2014/8. Journal: Research Scholar An International Refereed e-Journal of Literary Explorations ISSN 2320 – 6101. Volume: 2: Issue: III. Page No: 893 Publisher: Research Scholar

Srivastava, Kajal (2014), “SheherMera...PehleAapKa”, Publication date: 2014/3/26. News Paper: Times Of India. Volume: 1Issue: NA. Page No. 2. Publisher: Times Of India, Lucknow Edition

Srivastava, Kajal (2014), “Let Me Be” Publication date: 2014. Journal: Journal of ELT and Poetry ISSN 2347-887X.Volume: 2 Issue: 3 Page No: 305, Publisher: Journal of ELT and Poetry,+Lucknow&user=u3v2SvEAAAAJ

Papers Accepted/ Published

“Student Performance Prediction from E-mail Assessments Using Tiny Neural Networks,” Dr. Kajal Srivastava and Dr. Nikhil Yadav, presented during 2020 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC), 1st August 2020. Archived in IEEE Xplore.

"Examining the Impact of Team Based Learning on Personality, Communication,Its Managerial Implications and Outcomes," Dr. Masood H Siddiqui and Dr Kajal Srivastava, Journal of Content, Community & Communication Amity School of Communication, Vol. 13 Year 7, June - 2021[ISSN: 2395-7514 (Print) ] Amity University, Madhya Pradesh [ISSN: 2456-9011 (Online)], DOI: 10.31620/JCCC.06.21/16 181

“A Predictive Model of Expressiveness Based on Demographic and Socio-Economic Factors of the Indian Youth: A Self –Perception,” Dr. Kajal Srivastava and Aditya Prabhakar, accepted for publication in SCOPUS, UGC CARE LIST and ICI indexed “Journal of Content, Community & Communication” of Amity School of Communication, Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior-474005, India, to be published in June-2020 (Year-6, Vol.11).

“Career Workshops for Management Trainees: A Pathway to Bridge the Gap between Academia and Industry,” Dr. Kajal Srivastava, International Journal Of English: Literature, Language & Skills, page 83-90, Volume 8 Issue 1, April 2019 ISSN 2278-0742,

“Self-assessment of Communication Skills by Management Students: An Empirical Study in Indian Context,” Dr. Kajal Srivastava in Indonesian Journal indexed in DOAJ English Review: Journal of English Education Volume 6, Issue 2, June 2018

“Training Needs: The Voice of Bankers,” Dr. Kajal Srivastava and Dr. Athar Mahmood in UGC Approved Humanities and Social Science Studies (HSSS) , Volume 7, Issue1 2018

“A Study on Internal Communication Satisfaction and the Perceived Impact of Internal Communication on Employee Performance,” Devika Trehan, Dr. Kajal Srivastava in UGC Approved Intercontinental Journal of Human Resource Research Review, Volume 5, Issue 6, June 2017

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