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Are you Applying for a B School? Avoid These Mistakes

If you have always aspired to have a successful corporate career or want to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, then a Business management School offers you the opportunity to make your dream come true. Management institutes in India are the training ground for future managers and leaders of the corporate world. You paid all your attention for CAT to get a chance with the best B Schools in the country to take admission in PGDM and pursue your MBA. But as the CAT is out of the bag, you can’t overlook the crucial next step.

Applying for a B School gives you the power of choice, which should be exercised carefully. Several steps are involved in picking the management program that suits your specific interests and career goals. “One size fits all-management-aspirants” MBA programs are now a thing of the past. Want the best platform for your career dreams? Avoid these common mistakes that many MBA hopefuls make and regret later.

CAT is not the end of the world

Every year there is an emphasis on CAT score as an entry ticket to the top rung B Schools. But academic experts remind us that it’s neither a guarantee for your admissions nor is it the only entry route you can take. If your CAT score disheartens you. Bolster your prospects by appearing for other entrance exams like XAT, MAT, and CMAT which can gain you entry into top rung private colleges like XLRI, Jaipuria Institute of Management, GIM, and more.

Research, research, and research more!

Your research about different aspects of learning at a B School is the key to securing the best admissions. Common mistake aspirants make is go by the past reputations, brochures, and campaigns by B Schools. There is no better reliable source than talking to alumni and students of any management institute. Your research should also focus on the faculty strength, industry network of B School, etc.

It’s important to go beyond placements!

Another common mistake MBA aspirants make, is that they focus only on the placement record of a B School. While it’s true that placements are crucial to get a head-start in your career, if you are looking for its long-term success and satisfaction, you should look beyond the placements. It’s also important to understand that many B Schools highlight their excellent placement records but there is more to it than meets the eye.

The game of specializations!

What are the specializations offered by the B School? Are they in keeping with your interests? These are questions you need to ask yourself before applying for a program. IIM Bangalore offers MBA in Business Analytics, which is a recent trend. Jaipuria Institute of Management has a unique PGDM in Financial Services, MBA in Retail Management, Services, and MBA in Marketing Management. These MBA equivalent PGDM programs at Jaipuria offer sectoral specialization within the specialized program in Consulting, Supply Chain, Online Retail, Capital Market to name a few from the lot. You can choose niche specializations in keeping with your goals.

Niche programs have a tendency to take you higher

If you aspire to start your entrepreneurial journey or want to take your family business to the next level, then you might want to consider programs that are aligned with your paths. Many B Schools like SPJIMR, Jaipuria Institute of Management, MDI are among few B-schools known for their Entrepreneurship programs. It would be a mistake to not consider a program that has courses on entrepreneurship or B Schools that have entrepreneurship cells. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida in Delhi NCR entrepreneur and innovation cell has been the launchpad for the successful launch of several startups by students in recent years.

Do not forget to prioritize diversity while looking for the best classroom

When you are assessing B Schools to pursue your dreams, are you thinking about campus diversity? Experts stress that studying in an environment where you interact with students from different academic backgrounds, those with past work experience etc. can lead to an enriching learning experience. You could be making a huge mistake by overlooking this factor when you are applying to B Schools.

Grow well!

B Schools are not just about academic excellence but your overall development as well. Some of the leading names in the industry are extremely well-groomed personalities. And their personalities have been shaped on campus through several extracurricular and industry-focused activities. As an aspirant, applying to a B School without knowing about its student clubs, festivals, industry interfaces, alumni network, and other extracurricular initiatives would be a folly.

Avoiding these mistakes will take you a step closer to the best B Schools that are the best fit for you. Then it’s up to you, in the interview room to present yourself as a candidate, who will be a valuable addition on the campus, to secure your seat.

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