Vaishnav S Vijay tells how her learning from Jaipuria Jaipur help her to excel at Deloitte

Vaishnav S Vijay tells how her learning from Jaipuria Jaipur help her to excel at Deloitte

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With more than 70 candidates during the placement process, it could have been a nerve-wracking experience. But she decided to stay calm and believe in her preparations. The questions from accounting to taxation to cultural adjustment at Deloitte Vaishnav eloquently defended that she is the right fit for the role of Tax Consultant with the international power-house-Deloitte. The Finance and Marketing student tells us how she hit the jackpot.

“Being the last candidate to be interviewed. The interviewer expected me to be drained and frustrated but I presented myself with confidence and enthusiasm. They were impressed by my quick wit and positive attitude,” says Vaishnav S Vijay, PGDM Batch 2018 – 20 student of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur.

The trickiest one in the final interview was the ‘What is the difference between a good and a bad manager and how would I work under a bad manager?’. Another important question was about my SIP experience when I was asked how I would use it to work with Deloitte. I had done my internship with Aditya Birla Mutual Fund and ‘Perception of investors towards mutual funds’ was my project. It taught me a lot about consumer behavior and how people are inclined towards investments. I realized that selling financial products is tough.

But these are the lessons that will be with me for the lifetime. They will come handy when I start with my role as a Tax Consultant at Deloitte. Jaipuria Institute has given a lot of take-away, my PGDM has given me insights into business operations and industry on the whole. Several industry interaction sessions have helped figure out what I need to do to make my mark in the corporate world.

Another important lesson has been the ability to work in teams to assess problems and process information. The soft skills I gained during the program are going to be vital in my professional journey too. Today I realize that whether it is story writing or role-playing, it enhances creative and innovative thinking. I want to continue that in my work sphere, passion for photography, learning a new language or to play an instrument.”