Making it to the Banking sector- a freshly mint MBA graduate’s narrative from Jaipuria Indore

Making it to the Banking sector- a freshly mint MBA graduate’s narrative from Jaipuria Indore

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A day to reckon for Sourabh Sharma, PGDM student of Jaipuria Indore. It was also the day the young one from a small town in Madhya Pradesh had been working towards. His dream was to make a name for himself in the lucrative world of Finance. Now he made it count.

It’s a brilliant start for Sourabh’s career with one of the fastest growing financial services brand in the country – Bandhan Bank . “I am obviously thrilled because this is the role I wanted. When I heard about this placement opportunity I decided to prepare for it with all my heart and attention to make sure I don’t miss out on it,” he explains excitedly. He clearly got it right to have bagged the prestigious placement.

But all the preparation aside, it finally comes down to the performance on the placement day. Nerves come into play and even the coolest candidates lost their calm. Sourabh believes his performance during GD was outstanding. We want to know how! “We were given a case study of an engineering college student who tops the entrance exam but fails the first year. The college principle has to take action against him because it damages the college reputation. I analyzed the case and offered important suggestions, which were well appreciated,” he adds looking back.

I was being honest to myself and also kept my answers interesting, which was impressed the interviewers during the final rounds” he adds.

Now that he has gained a foothold into the competitive world of Finance, Sourabh is ready to prove his mettle. His major responsibility would be to acquire new customers, retain old ones and build long term relationships with them. I have learned how to handle critical tasks at Jaipuria, Indore and all my learning has been building up to this,” he concludes.