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Why I Picked Jaipuria for my MBA, and Maybe You Should Too

Why I Picked Jaipuria, and Maybe You Should Too

“Jaipuria helped me go from where I was to where I wanted to be.”

When I first stepped inside the Jaipuria campus, I brought experiences that not many students could claim they had undergone.

After 12th grade, I worked as a car cleaner before achieving the highest sales numbers of an Italian clothing store. I even had my own business (pushing it to grow with a turnover of over 80 Lakhs), which I then had to wind up. I accomplished all this by the time I finished my B.Com.

After this, I wasn’t sure what to do.

I would have probably given up on joining a B-school because my academics weren’t as strong – who would give an average student any opportunities?

Jaipuria Jaipur did.

Without this institution, I would definitely not be writing this piece with an offer letter in my inbox outlining an annual package of 27 Lakhs from Aron Global, one of Singapore’s most prominent supply chain managers.

As I write this, I think about my initial days here, when I sometimes wondered, “What can further studies teach me about running a business that I don’t already know from building my own and completing B.Com.?”

The answer is more profound than academics or business models and marketing jargon.

Jaipuria is not just a B-School in India, but they believe in taking in students from diverse backgrounds such as mine and turning them into more than cookie-cutter professionals.

In my marketing classes, as I read through concepts and applied them in competitions and case studies, something struck me.

I realized that I was not just learning the formal terms for the problems and issues I went through during my entrepreneurial days. I was gaining fresh perspectives while translating my practical knowledge and experiences (of running a business and doing retail) into strengths. I became more articulate in my speech and more confident in not just my wins but also in my losses.

Even then, as placement season came about, I felt nervous. Sure, Jaipuria believed that academic qualifications weren’t everything (and rightly so!) but would the professional world out there too?

The cohort, the professors, and the placement cell provided unparalleled support at each step I took to answer this question. Having that backing with me made all the difference.

My creativity, compassion, leadership skills are values that Jaipuria shaped, all while promoting a healthy environment that prioritized well-being through their vibrant culture, lush fields, and guidance initiatives.

Whether a job placement or a prize in a competition, any victory is just a byproduct (and not the destination) of the journey that Jaipuria provides. The institution grooms us to be self-assured individuals with a solid knowledge base and the ability to respond spontaneously to challenging situations.

When placements began, my final set of interviews spanned six hours, with the result coming out at almost midnight. Such milestones require resilience and street smarts to an extent. Jaipuria prepared me for all of this and more.

With Jaipuria’s values instilled in me, I went from being rejected for numerous opportunities because of my marks to becoming one of the youngest hires of an established international company. While this opportunity is just the beginning, the values that brought me here will stay rooted in me throughout the rest of my career.

As I look back, I want to urge B-School aspirants to choose a holistic environment that adopts a multi-faceted approach to teaching.

While you mull over which program to join, remember that as long as you have an insatiable appetite to explore ways to make an impact and permit yourself to make mistakes as you experiment beyond the conventional, Jaipuria will give you the space and unwavering support to flourish.

Watch the full interview of Mahavir here.

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