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Excellent placements of PGDM graduates in Jaipuria Institute of Management during Pandemic

Placements 2020: Jaipuria Institute of Management

When they coined the adage, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going, they couldn’t have foreseen the present times. The covid-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest health, humanitarian and economic crises we have seen. Its aftermath has taken its toll in all directions, including MBA/PGDM placements for 2020. But it took one of the top B Schools in North and Central India to show us how it’s done. Jaipuria Institute of Management has proven its tough mettle by mitigating the damage to the current placement season. We interviewed Mr. Amit Attry, Vice President – Marketing & Corporate Relations, and Mr. Sandip Das, GM – Corporate Relations & Placements of the B School to find out how they did it.

The highlights of Placements 2020 at Jaipuria Institute of Management:

• Over 95% of students placed and campus placement still continues for the remaining students
• More than 60 multiple offers
• Diversified roles have been offered
• Increase in both fixed and CTC compensation

These are achievements one could be proud of in regular circumstances. But Jaipuria Institute of Management has unleashed these figures in the year marred by Covid-19. In times when employers were rescinding and deferring offers, how did the top management institute achieve this feat? “It was the robust network, tireless efforts, timely shift in technology, and well-planned acts of Jaipuria CMC that started bringing companies back to the campus. Processes of online campus selections resumed within a span of one and half months of commencement of lockdown,” says Mr. Attry.

It’s interesting to note that new graduates of Jaipuria Institute of Management have received more than 75 employment offers via tech platforms during the lockdown. Mr. Das reminds us that companies are using zoom, hangout, Webex, skype and telephonic interviews to conduct their selection processes. “Jaipuria CMC adopted the hummingbird approach and immediately shifted to online platforms for all interactions with students. We organized over 25 webinars with industry experts and many other sessions in a short span of time,” he adds.

These effective and timely responses enabled students to smoothly transition to the tech-driven placement process. As a result, during the lockdown, the B School placed close to 75 students who were waiting for their first offer from campus. More impressively, it also placed more than 10 students whose offers were revoked by their respective organizations during this period. Not only that the institute managed to get over 275 students on board at various organizations.

Looking ahead Mr. Attry. says, “We are committed to responding to changing needs of the industry and have been working developing modules/capsule programs/certification courses to equip our students to meet the need of the hour.” It’s something that this NIRF top-ranked B School has done effectively and has led by example.

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