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Prepare for the new age economy with a fellow Program In Management (FPM) at Jaipuria Institute of Management


A study by Stanford economist Caroline Hoxby revealed that number of college-going students increased after every recession after 1960. “Historically there is a counter-cyclical effect on application volumes to business school. As the economy worsens, applications go up,” says Bill Boulding, Dean, Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. However the economic downturn staring in our face now is different from those in the past. It’s a universal phenomenon, an aftermath of Covid 19 pandemic that will give rise to a new economy and will need professionals with enhanced set of skills to help organizations navigate the pandemic blues.

Research and analytical state of mind hold the key
As we aim to learn from the times gone by and device business plans for the future, research will be vital for organizations to remain viable in their respective fields. Business experts and academic are unanimous in their verdict that Analytical thinking, which is responsible for problem solving, will be a much sought after skill amongst future managers. Research based Fellow Program in Management (FPM) offered at Jaipuria Institute of Management, lucknow, Noida and Jaipur has been designed to equip students with skills that will be a requisite for the future. Research scholars honed by this doctoral level program can claim top seats in decision making processes in the industry and academia.

Hallmark of Fellow Program in Management
• The AICTE approved doctoral level fellow program is a rigorous academic and research focused offered at Lucknow, Noida and Jaipur campuses.
• Research scholars can complete their thesis in areas including Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, IT, Economics and Public Policy, Business Analytics etc.
• The B School’s core faculty team consists of more than 80% doctoral laureates.
• Young scholars benefit from their powerful mentorship. Two thesis supervisors guide them in their research projects, arming them with skills and encouraging critical thinking.
• Scholars can complete the program by fulfilling the courses prescribed in the curriculum, and submitting their thesis, which is guided and shaped into stellar research work.
• Research scholars also get to publish their two research papers. At least one of them will be published in the renowned Scopus indexed journals.

What does it take to be a Fellow in Management?
Candidates with Masters Degree or equivalent in Management, Social Sciences, Commerce, Humanities, Engineering and Technology, can apply for the program. While the course work is rigorous, keeping scholars’ schedules in mind, Jaipuria Institute of Management has offered weekend classes for course work.

Jaipuria Institute of Management’s Fellow Program in Management is the perfect platform to redefine and research.

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