Shubhi Sinha of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow tells us why she deserved her placement with Hindustan Unilever

Shubhi Sinha of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow tells us why she deserved her placement with Hindustan Unilever

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After working with Tata Consultancy Services as Cyber Security Analyst for about 2.5 years when Shubhi Sinha decided to go back to academics, she was looking for “creative enhancement”. Little did she know that it was this trait – her creativity, that would help her through the trickiest question in the selection process and bag her placement with industry giant Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL). With an exciting role of Supply Chain Executive.

A strong believer in her talents and hard work, Shubhi asserts that you get what you deserve. That belief encapsulates her experience at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. When she enrolled for the program, the PGDM Batch 18 – 20 student knew that she was taking the best decision for her career. But it was up to her to make the most out of it. From participating in numerous initiatives to learning from her internship with General Electric – Healthcare, she tells us how she benefited from every experience that has led to her placement today.

Can you describe the selection process for the placement?
For the initial rounds we had to fill out forms to describe our dreams and goals. 82 candidates from various colleges including 21 of us from Jaipuria, Lucknow were called for the Group Discussion round. Finally, 30 of us made it to the Personal Interview Round.

That sounds quite competitive; what made you stand out?
I believe being honest is the best way to impress in interviews. My interviewer asked me if I struggled with any subject and I admitted that it was “Capacity Planning”. Then she went on to ask me a question on the topic where I stayed true to myself. She said she loved my approach.

Clearly you made the right impression; but had you imagined that you would bag one of the highest salary packages?
When I came to Jaipuria, Lucknow I had confidence in my abilities. So I knew that the platforms I got would only enhance them. I realized that I was heading in the right direction from the start. The salary package is one of the ways you get what you deserve.

What were these platforms at Jaipuria, Lucknow that helped you grow?
I was a member of the Media, IT and Public Relations Committee, and a student journalist for Business Standard. Right from Road Safety Design Thinking Project to International Immersion programme in Singapore; I was passionate about active participation in every activity.


How instrumental was the internship experience in your growth as a professional?
It offered me exposure to a new industry and broadened my scope of knowledge and corporate experience. The impact it had on my personality definitely reflected in the placement process. It made me a more equipped candidate not only for that interview but for my future career too.