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Himanshu Parashar from Jaipuria Jaipur now readies for his new role with Asian Paints post lockdown.

Himanshu Parashar from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur (Top MBA college in Jaipur) now readies for his new role with Asian Paints

Rightly tagged “Har Ghar kuch  Kehta Hai” – Asian Paints. Indeed its Himanshu Parashar  from Jaipura Institute of Management,  Jaipur PGDM batch now, who share his story on how he cracked to his dream company-Asian Paints. As he recalls, during interview Himanshu  was asked to apply the 4Ps of marketing on a future pay app. It’s interesting not only because it allowed the interviewer an opportunity to cross-question him, but also since it tests future readiness of new managers. Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur student proved himself up to the challenges and bagged the role of Territory Sales Officer with the powerhouse.
When Himanshu heard about his placement his reaction said it all. He felt that he had achieved his short term goal of getting placed with a top industry name. But his eyes are clearly set on long term career success. “Before the placement season started, I had the confidence that I will be selected with a dream company. It feels good that I got what I wanted. I think my self-confidence and persistence made them pick me for this role” he explains.

The interviewer brought up the fact during the selection process, but he was not unsettled. According to him, keeping calm at all times is the key to placement success.

As an active member of sports committee at Jaipuria Institute of Management (Top Management Institute in Jaipur) Himanshu was considered a top performer and brought sponsorship for its events. During the goodwill project, he managed to convince his team members to go with his ideas successfully. For him, these opportunities were building blocks in his transformation into a professional. “I learned so much about handling pressure, and presentation skills through these activities. Guest lectures with industry experts, and initiatives like Startup Oasis gave us insights that we can use in our careers,” he claims.

Himanshu sees himself as an out of the box, creative thinker, who is also hard working. But more importantly, he believes in creating opportunities for himself to showcase his talent. For him one such opportunity was his internship with HDB Financial services on the project, ‘Study on risk management while approving a file for loan’. “I started as Credit Relationship Manager but going out on the field to generate leads made me believe in myself as an asset to any Marketing team. The topic of the internship was also of interest during my placement interview,” he says.

It’s not surprising since risk management is going to be crucial not only to financial services but practically all organizations in the coming times impacted by the current pandemic. Himanshu has the experience, creative thinking, and training to tide over the times and reach for the skies.

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