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There will be heightened demand of MBA in specialized area in coming days? Explore now

heightened demand of MBA in specialized area

Covid-19 pandemic has sent strong ripples around the world and almost no industry sector has remained untouched by its impact. The first lockdown in India began in March and the snowball effect was seen on MBA placements this year. Leading firms withdrew offers while several other companies deferred placements. In these times of uncertainty, we sought answers from Mr. Sandip Das, General Manager – Corporate Relations, Jaipuria Institute of Management on MBA placements in the new normal; the aftermath, and the silver linings (yes there are!).

In 2019, India produced a whopping 16 lakh MBA graduates. However, it’s the graduates from top management institutes that bag a major share of plum placements every season. As one of the top B schools in India, Jaipuria Institute of Management has enjoyed a consistent placement record, across its four campuses. But Mr. Das admits that the last 3-4 months have been challenging.

According to Mr. Das, with the industry facing the heat, the ripple effect on placements was expected. He asserts that Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment, Retail are the most adversely affected, but there are sectors that are emerging, offering a ray of hope too. “Healthcare, eCommerce, logistics and supply chain, insurance, nutraceuticals, retailing, agriculture are either emerging or are poised to grow in the near future. PGDM Courses will remain relevant for the market segment it serves, but specializations will emerge in a big way,” he adds.

Specialized MBA and Placements

MBAs and placements are entering a new phase and there is bound to be a shake-up. But as Mr. Das says, there will be a heightened demand for specialized MBAs in specific areas. And what are these areas that are likely to show growing demand for well-trained future professionals? “Business Continuity Management, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Analytics, Remote Productivity Management, are the main areas of specializations that will become a new normal in days to come,” he predicts.

Mr. Das also declares that the new normal needs sound management at B Schools to remain adaptable with changing times, have a vision and ability to see through emerging demands in the industry, and equip its human capital with these evolving needs, both in terms of infrastructure and skill development. “Repeat recruiters have always remained dependable partners of business schools. But their numbers might be restricted now. Campuses that build relationships with the emerging industry and start offering courses in trending specializations will be able to attract more companies for placements,” he says with authority.

After all, Jaipuria Institute of Management which is India’s one of the best MBA College in Delhi NCR has managed to overturn the slump in placements, what is also noteworthy is that during the ongoing lockdown, the institute introduced the Summer Internship Programmes (SIP) for students who did not receive work from home projects with companies. Developed by faculty members, these programmes included week-wise tasks, deliverables, assessments, and more to create a practical learning experience. The institute managed 275+ students recruit and got them on board at various companies across its 4 campuses during the lockdown period. Adapting with the new normal 2000+ hours of online engagement and over 400 webinars were conducted to keep the learning continue.

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