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From Lucknow to Latvia, Ankit Mishra’s International dreams take off with a roar

From Lucknow to Latvia, Ankit Mishra’s International dreams take off with a roar

Growing up in the erstwhile princely city of Lucknow, Ankit Mishra harbored the dreams of making an international career. It’s only fitting that not only has he landed a placement with Unifarma, Latvia but will make a princely package. The Mechanical Engineering graduate asserts that he wanted to achieve every goal for personal and professional growth that he missed out on during his graduation years. At Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow he got the necessary platforms to do just that and it has launched him into the International sphere in style.

Ankit’s single-minded focus on a global career can be seen in the fact that he had marked out companies offering International profiles during the placement season. His own internship experience has given him the belief that a career in Operations was the right fit for him. “For my internship, I handled digital sales for TATA Motors. Through my interactions there I realized that my technical knowledge helped me understand different operations, functions and new features a lot better. So choosing Operations and production was a no-brainer,” he explains his reasoning.
Not surprisingly, Ankit chose Marketing and Operations & IT as his specializations. It was time to take advantage of his technical background coupled with management training at Jaipuria, Lucknow during the selection process for Unifarma. “There were two Skype interview rounds before the final face to face meeting with the company’s MD. I was clear in my mind that I have to get selected at any cost. So I stayed confident, cheerful and had the right body language. I think my persistence and never give up attitude got me the job,” he adds looking back.

Ankit attributes his dogged persistence to his army family background, which has also imbibed a strong sense of discipline in him. Besides inherent traits of leadership, quick decision making and risk-taking capabilities, he has also become more adaptable. As he begins his professional career on the International front, he will rely on these traits to help him adjust to the new environment. “As a production manager, my responsibility will be to ensure optimum utilization of resources for on-time production. I will also handle sales in some regions,” he explains.

The future looks bright for him and it’s heartening to note that Ankit has decided to give part of his salary to soldiers. He describes himself as a learner, who is ambitious and makes the most of every opportunity given to him. He certainly did that at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow through various initiatives. “I was a senior member of the Cultural Committee and along with our President tried to start the Poetry club. Our B School environment not only groomed me as a manager but helped me discover sides of my personality I was unaware of,” he ends with a winning smile.

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