Fostering Professionalism and Ethics for Young Leaders

The history of leadership is abundant with theories, from the “Great Man” theory that proposes certain men are born with the traits required to lead, to the contingency theory according to which leadership is more like a mix and match of styles to the circumstances. As business has gone global along with an exponential increase in technology innovations, learning organizations are more closely re-evaluating and re-imagining the role of future leaders and how to develop them.

According to a report by Wharton University, employees want more ownership rather than instructions; customers want to participate in the marketing and development processes; and leaders are finding that open and agile organizations are able to maneuver more effectively than organizations where “all insight and direction comes from the top”. It means that the autocratic leader, whether brilliant or not, will not succeed. Competencies like being Humble, Adaptable, Visionary and Engaged distinguish agile leaders from non-agile leaders.

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The aim of this conference is to create a vision and to build theory on expectations from future leaders, developing future leaders and to provide empirical evidence for academia and organizations. Papers are invited in the form of original research – based work/case studies/concept papers. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1 : Practicing Global leadership

Change Makers, Trendsetters: Individuals and Organizations

Track 2 : Developing Leadership

Theoretical Competency Frameworks, Directions for Academia, Business Organizations and Society, Developing Leadership for Sustainability and Technological Agility

Track 3 : Ethical Leadership and Governance

Ethics in Marketing, HRM, Finance, Operations, Information Technology Management

Track 4 : Managing Global Workforce

Managing Diversity, Developing Supportive Workplaces, Managing Race, Genders and Communities

Track 5 : Managing Wellbeing

Happiness, Emotional and Social wellbeing- Imperatives for a Young leader

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November 20, 2019)*
Registration (After November 20, 2019)*
Delegates / Authors (India and SAARC Countries) INR 2500 INR 3000
Research Scholars and  Students (India and SAARC Countries) INR 1500 INR 2000
Delegates / Authors (Other foreign countries) USD 200 USD 250
Corporate Delegates INR 3000 INR 4000

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Last date for submission of abstract: 20th November 2019
Confirmation regarding acceptance of abstract Within a week of submission of abstract
Last date for full length paper submission 5th December 2019
Last date for communication of reviewers’ comments Within 15 days of submission of paper
Final submission of Camera Ready Paper 15th December 2019
Last date of registration 30th November 2019