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Becoming the Perfect Candidate for your ‘Dream Job’


Becoming the Perfect Candidate for your ‘Dream Job’

When the placement season comes around, it can only mean one thing for students- Time to gear up. All that study, preparation, and project submissions (courtesy of sleepless nights) finally come full circle. With hopes and aspirations, candidates get ready to enter a shared space with the recruiters seeking to crack the code and grab that ‘dream job.’

However, the digital transformation in the last decade and the onset of the pandemic have drastically influenced the way industries work. Functions that did not exist until a few years ago (example: Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, etc.) are now becoming in-demand roles.

As market trends continue to evolve, the learning experience has to grow beyond the classroom walls. Students need to be provided with training that develops their business acumen and enables them to stay abreast of market trends.

So, how do aspirants become head turners and catch the attention of the recruiters?

Grooming Talents for New-Age Roles

Getting a plum job by the end of the final year is at the top of the bucket list of every MBA aspirant. Students enroll in colleges with the goal to secure the best ‘in-market’ roles. For that, they need to be equipped with the latest industry trends and demands. With trends such as Web 4.0 knocking around the corner, recruiters’ preferences have changed over the years. Companies now look for tech-savvy individuals who possess an aptitude for digital adoption. Jaipuria’s current placement season was steered by many new-age profiles such as Spend Analytics, Product Management, Business Analyst, Data Science Trainee, Solution Advisor, and more. Jaipuria continues to redefine its placement journey towards new milestones.

Consulting Jobs Hold the Lion’s Share

It is no secret that if one wants to get a high-paying and fancy job, consulting jobs are the way to go. Leading consulting companies visit the top B-Schools to find and recruit the best suitable candidates. In the 2022 placements, over 35 percent of the hiring in Jaipuria came from consulting which includes key market leaders such as Genpact, Accenture, Nielsen IQ, Hackett Group, HCL, etc. Moreover, over 150 Jaipurians were selected for roles in the Big 4 Accounting firms- EY, Deloitte, and KPMG.

This success is influenced by Jaipuria’s pedagogy which focuses on developing the learner’s listening skills (thereby knowing what to ask) and open-mindedness (to challenge their assumptions). Through a holistic teaching mode, students learn to execute interpersonal skills to build and strengthen relationships, giving way to efficient collaboration.

Becoming a Recruiter’s Choice

Whether one wants to believe it or not, this is the age of analytics jobs. Leading companies are continuously on the lookout for subject-matter experts in this domain. Recruiters seek candidates who possess a strong business understanding knowing how to apply analytics for a business solution.

Jaipuria’s experiential learning approach, ‘Workshop Mode,’ focuses on strengthening the business acumen in individuals by exposing them to real-life industry situations. By blending holistic aptitudes with a corporate touch, talents at Jaipuria become assets across various verticals, with Jaipuria becoming a hub for talent acquisition. With a continuous learning approach, Jaipurians have repeatedly scripted success stories, recording a spectacular performance in the 2022 placement season.

What Are You Waiting For?

When an MBA aspirant searches for the best B-Schools online, bagging a dream role at a dream company is probably at the top of their bucket list. Jaipuria Institute of Management continually strives to help students realize and live that dream job, achieving new milestones year after year. A record package of INR 27 LPA and 375+ recruiters across industries in this year’s placements is a testament to that.

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