Envisioning Business for a Better Tomorrow – Innovate, Integrate, Impact

The Covid -19 pandemic has sent shivers down the spine of the global economy. All around the globe, businesses have been forced to rethink their entire business model. The virus has hit hard the global supply chain network, and extensively hit automobile and manufacturing sectors around the globe. But not all businesses have been disrupted; some other business opportunities are making its way along it. At this juncture it’s critical to rethink business model and business strategy to boost economy and sustain competitive advantage for a better tomorrow.

Today, the society is passing through times of turbulence, uncertainty and abrupt change. Businesses too have been influenced by the new trends and drivers – particularly climate change, new technology and structural economic shifts. The business landscape needs to be reimagined and create strategies that account for disruptive change and use strategic foresight to embrace uncertainty and build resilience. The creation of resilient business strategies that take sustainability as their foundation can address these challenges and build company capacity to design and deliver resilient business. Companies need to understand the social and environmental systems they operate in and gain deep insight into stakeholder perceptions.

Not only this, the pioneering spirit of entrepreneurs and innovators has a direct ability to help build a better society, and enhance the quality of human lives. Business has been, is now, and always should be playing a major role in envisioning and effecting the massive changes taking place in our constantly changing global society, driving towards a better future for everyone. This is because business pioneers innovation and innovation drives the change that enables the realization of society’s goals. Business is about envisaging the change we want to see in the world and working towards implementing that change. We must open our eyes to opportunity and reimagine business innovation as the ignition key for a flourishing future society.

It is in this backdrop that Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur is organizing International Conference on Youth 2025 – Envisioning Business for a Better Tomorrow: Innovate, Integrate, Impact. The conference aims to deliberate on new business ideas, fresh approaches and channelize youth power to build business of tomorrow by innovating, assimilating and thus creating a better tomorrow.

The specific aim of the conference is to:
•explore the role of businesses in mitigating the challenges posed by climate change, uncertainty, pandemic and natural disasters;
•share approaches and innovative business strategies particularly emphasizing the sustainability aspect;
•nurture youth power to innovate, assimilate new and fresh approaches of business for a better tomorrow;
•discuss the practical challenges encountered in promoting innovative, sustainable business strategies and the solutions adopted.
•provide an inter-disciplinary cross-sectoral forum for academicians, professionals, practitioners and industrialists to foster dialogue on the impact of new business ideas on economy, society and environment;
•propose multidisciplinary strategies for economic, sociopolitical, cultural, and institutional changes;

  • PLENARY SESSION I:Business in the Post-Covid World: Challenges and Opportunities
  • PLENARY SESSION II:Business Innovation: Innovations for a Better Tomorrow
  • PLENARY SESSION III:Business Integration: Creating Synergy with Stakeholders
Doctoral Colloquium -2021

February 18, 2021

Call for Submissions

Jaipuria Institute of Management is organizing it’s First Doctoral Colloquium (JJDC 2021) on February 18, 2021, at Jaipuria, Jaipur. The objective of the conference is to encourage doctoral research and facilitate collaborative work among researchers from different institutions. We aim to provide a forum where insightful feedback from senior researchers and academicians can help improve the quality and rigour of student research.
We invite full paper submissions from doctoral students across all areas including Decision Sciences and Information Systems, Economics and Social Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, Production and Operations Management, Public Policy, and Strategy.
The submissions will be reviewed by a Faculty Committee, from which a set of papers will be selected for presentation.


Students and Research Scholars are invited to participate in poster presentation on the conference theme/sub-themes. There will be a display area where all such posters will be exhibited. Two best poster presentations will be awarded.
Key Audiences and Paper Contributors
• Academicians and Research Scholars interested in future studies and various aspects of sustainable development
• Research and Development Managers
• Representatives of government/municipal organizations
• Practitioners in Business / Industry Leaders and Consultants
• Strategic Planners, and Public policy makers, etc.
• Post Graduate students along with at least one faculty member as one of the authors.

Publication of Research Papers

Publication: All accepted papers shall be published in the Edited Volume by A Category Publisher and selected papers shall be published in Scopus indexed Journal.

Reward for Outstanding Papers:

Publication: All accepted papers shall be published in the Edited Volume by A Category Publisher and selected papers shall be published in Scopus indexed Journal.

For Corporate / Faculty For Student / Research Scholar
Best Paper Award INR 6000 INR 3000
Second Best Paper Award INR 4000 INR 2000
Best Poster Presentation Award NA INR 3000
Second Best Poster Presentation Award NA INR 2000