Change is a characteristic of all societies – be they primitive or modern. No society ever remains changeless. With time and unprecedented development, India has changed its outlook. “The 21st century is going to be the INDIAN century”. We all have heard many national and international political & economical leaders saying these many times. This is all because of the rapidly increasing influence of India, in practically every field around the globe, in the past few years after the globalisation of the Indian economy. In the present scenario, India is at the focus of the world’s major issues whether it is politics, science and technology or education, peace missions etc. and the list is endless. Earlier, the country that was thought to be as a land of just elephants and snakes, poverty, and hunger, now every country wants to enter in collaboration with it just because they have realised that it is not possible to carry forward the process of world development without India.

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Encourage India’s development discussion among industry decision-makers.

Global youth forum
for discussing India’s development potential.

Encourage youth to innovate, collaborate, and adapt to complex times.

Explore growth enablers and barriers from micro- and macro perspectives.



The conference aims to provide an international platform for academicians, researchers, industry personnel’s, representatives from the government, NGO’s and students to share their research findings in front of experts. All full paper submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research depth, accuracy, and relevance to conference themes and topics. The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Change Management

  • Practicing Global Leadership: Change Makers, Trendsetters: Individuals & Organizations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Innovation and Creativity Management
  • Organization Change and Development
  • Organization Design and Restructuring

Technologies for Better Tomorrow

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Blockchain and Smart Logistics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Applications in Other Industries such as Healthcare, Education, Media, Retail and Related Fields.
  • Management Fads
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Integration of IoT, AI, Cloud Computing for Management 5.0 Ecosystem

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

  • E-Business
  • Business Forecasting
  • Start Up- culture and Community
  • Access to Funding and Investment Capital
  • Government Policies and Regulation
  • Incubators and Accelerators
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Innovation Hubs and Co-Woking Spaces
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Local and Regional Economic Development
  • The Life Satisfaction Approach

Finance in New Age of Digitization

  • Financial Analytics
  • Fintech
  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Literacy
  • Future of Cryptocurrency
  • Factors of Digital Transformation
  • Business Intelligence & Financial Intelligence
  • Evolution of Responsible Investing
  • ESG Disclosure Policy and Regulations
  • Advancing Diversity and Inclusion through the Sustainable Debt Market
  • Untapped ESG Opportunities
  • Green Bonds/ Climate Bonds

Culture, Business Ethics and Resilience

  • Ethical Leadership and Governance: Ethics in Marketing, HRM, Finance, Operations, and IT
  • Culture and Ethics in Business
  • Performance Parameters of Happiness and Well-Being
  • Happiness and Well-Being in WFH organizations Work from Home and Productivity
  • Gig Work and the Future of Work
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Moonlighting, Mental Health and Work Life Balance


Students and Research Scholars are invited to participate in a poster presentation on the conference themes/sub-themes. There will be a display area where all such posters will be exhibited. The two best poster presentations will be awarded.

  • Academicians and Research Scholars interested in various aspects of leadership
  • Research and Development Managers
  • Representatives of Government/Non- Government Organizations
  • Practitioners in Business / Industry Leaders and Consultants
  • Strategic Planners, Public Policy Makers, etc.
  • Post Graduate students, along with at least one faculty member as one of the authors


All the accepted papers will be published in the Edited Book entitled “India Rising” by Bloomsbury, an “A” Category Publisher, and the selected papers will have the opportunity to be published in the following Journals listed in SCOPUS and/or ABDC:

  • International Journal of Quality and Innovation (Inderscience Publishers) | eISSN 1756-6983 | ISSN print 1756-6975
  • South Asian Journal of Marketing (Emerald) | eISSN: 2738-2486 | ISSN: 2719-2377
  • Management Dynamics Journal | ISSN: 0972- 5067 (Digital Commons and Science Direct Journal)

Reward for Outstanding Papers

In line with the philosophy of the institute for promoting qualitative contribution in research and academics, the conference has instituted rewards for the selected outstanding papers with a Certificate of Appreciation and Cash prize of:

Rewards Corporate/Faculty Research Scholars/ Students
First Prize INR 10000/- INR 8000/-
Second Prize INR 6000/- INR 5,000/-
Best Poster Award INR 5000/- and INR 3000/-


Last date for submission of abstract

20 December, 2023

Confirmation regarding the acceptance of abstract

25 December, 2023

Last date for full-length paper submission:

30 December, 2023

Last date for communication of reviewers’ comments:

15 January, 2024

Final submission of full-length paper after modifications:

31 January, 2024

Last date of Registration:

31 January, 2024