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Jaipuria Indore’s ‘e-Spark’ club lends some dazzle to the NEN workshop on e-leaders

Members of Jaipuria Indore’s E-Cell, better known as the ‘E-Spark Club’, went over to the Acropolis Institute of Technology for a session with the National Entrepreneurship Network ( NEN). The workshop on ‘E-Leaders’ had a total of 74 participants from across the Indore region.

In the first session on Day 1, the agenda of the workshop was set. The NEN Instructors briefed the group about the ecosystem in which NEN works, and the role of an E-cell. They also laid out various functions like regularising programmes, maintaining leaders’ lists, campus activities, inviting local entrepreneurs to campus events, etc.

After the tea break, E-cells from various colleges made their DNA Pitch Reports. The E-Spark club of Jaipuria made its presentation on their Social Entrepreneurship initiatives.

“It was interesting to note how mature E-cells worked,” remarked Gaurav Kumar, one of the Jaipuria Indore students at this workshop. “We learnt a lot by observing how other E-cells make the most of available NEN Resources to nurture and groom entrepreneurial talent on their campuses.”

In the post-lunch session, there were discussions around ‘campus companies’. Towards the end of Day 1, the NEN trainers distributed a case study from Harvard Business Review on Level-5 Leadership.

“The most interesting part of Day 2 was the discussion on ‘Fortune 500’ companies and the listing of the 11 best companies from among them,” recollects Priyanka Sharma, one of the participants from Jaipuria Indore. “It was pointed out that the common factor in these 11 companies was that level 5 leaders held critical positions in them. This flowed into the discussion on level 5 leaders and their two traits – humility and professional will.”

A very entertaining ‘jigsaw puzzle’ method was then employed by the NEN team to bring out the need for teamwork and communication in E-cells. The day ended with videos of entrepreneurs negotiating with venture capitalists on their products.

“We realised that leaders of NEN E-Cells drive a wide, critical range of tasks and activities on campus; from motivating and engaging student members, to conducting mega events and programmes, to helping connect their E Cell members to the right resources in the community,” concluded Abhishek Pratap Singh, one of the representatives of the E-cell of Jaipuria Indore.
The workshop made students of Jaipuria Indore see a lot of scope to experiment with entrepreneurship in the Jaipuria Indore campus itself.

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