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The preparations at Jaipuria Indore for summer training placements, were so exhaustive, that the final interview at Accenture seemed like a cakewalk

Vasundhara has just returned to Jaipuria Indore from Delhi, after a 2-month summer internship with the big daddy of all consulting firms; the dream company to work for – Accenture.

“It took me two rounds of telephonic interviews to crack the internship with Accenture. What seemed to impress them the most was Jaipuria Indore’s concept of a completely ‘paperless’ B-school education. Since Jaipuria Indore does not believe in last month preparations, but keeps up the summer placement sessions round the year, we were well prepared and pedigreed for our entry as effective interns, much before the final month. The preparations were so exhaustive, that the final interview seemed like a cakewalk.”

Considering her area of interest, Accenture assigned Vasundhara the role of ‘HR/Consultancy contractor’, which required her to take care of the KPI’s for an on-boarding employee, as well as the final settlement in case of Separation. She was also involved in designing the ESS (HR Portal) for one of Accenture’s clients.

Vasundhara is sanguine about joining a leading consultancy firm on passing out of Jaipuria Indore, and hopes to be an inspiration to the future students of Jaipuria Indore.

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