Student Clubs

Student Clubs are the main centres of student activity. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. Each of the four campuses has their own clubs devoted to activities that relate to CSR, entertainment, cultural, sports or just pure fun.

It is a credit to the mental and intellectual focus of Jaipuria students that many of the clubs are extensions of their academic and career aspirations. That being said there are several annual ‘fests’ and entertainment events organised by the campuses every year.

Events, however varied, bring out the passion in youngsters and develop their organizational skills. The clubs bring about a good balance of work, fun and leisure activities and ensure the all round development of Jaipurians.

Student Clubs are the main centres of student activity. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. Each of the four campuses has their own clubs devoted to activities that relate to CSR, entertainment, cultural, sports or just pure fun.

It is a credit to the mental and intellectual focus of Jaipuria students that many of the clubs are extensions of their academic and career aspirations. That being said there are several annual ‘fests’ and entertainment events organised by the campuses every year.

The Cultural Club organizes and ensures participation in activities and events like Creative Writing, Rangoli Making, Mehendi competitions, Fashion fiesta, Antakshari, Dance competitions, Singing competitions, Debates, JAM, Extempore, Dramatics, Face-painting, Collage-making, Anchoring of events etc. on and off-campus.
This club will train to dissolve cultural barriers and regional identitites and encourages to build up a unique Jaipuria culture.
This student driven club hosts a bouquet of extra-curricular activities. Students can showcase their creativity and wisdom by participating in various contests involving extempore debates, repartee, group discussions, jingle making, role plays etc.

Expression Club, aims to develop a great sense of confidence and achievement orientation in students to grow in the fast intensifying competitive business world.

This academic oriented Finance club encourages students for knowledge sharing in their areas of specialization. The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks and seminars. It also organizes various finance related games such as making a business plan, starting a new venture with a seed capital, discussions on contemporary financial topics, quizzes, etc. in and off campus.
The specialized HR Club managed by the students ensures participation in HR games, team building exercises, motivational sessions, quizzes, role-plays, in-basket-exercises, case-discussions etc. in and off campus.The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks and seminars.
The Marketing Club organizes and ensures participation in marketing events like Ad Mad Show, Quizzes, Selling a product, Logo formation etc. in and off campus.The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks and seminars.
The Sports Club organizes and ensures participation in games like Table-Tennis, Basket-ball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tug-of-War, Soccer, Caroms, Chess etc. on campus and prepares students for off-campus participation.

The Music Club, Euphony is a platform that aims at identifying the unexplored talent of the music lovers and sharing what we all admire the most- Music. The overall focus of the club is to learn and spread the essence of music among the students with a motive to enhance musically.

The club functions with a philosophy that-“If there is anything else to life, it is Music”.

It is a rolling club with a mix of first year and second year students with no end to carry on an individual’s passion for music. The relaxing rhythms, the instrumentals, the genre and the vivacious singing will get us all into the real insight of the music world. The propensity of songs ranges from classical to rock to display different talents and interests of the students with some definite favourites at various events that will be organised by the club.

The students of Jaipuria Noida have set up various management clubs to interact and share knowledge on their areas of specialization.These include: “Marketing Club”, “Finance Club”, “IT Club”, “HR Club” and “Operations Club”. Each of these clubs invites experts from the respective industries for guest talks and organizes various contests, quiz shows and seminars.

Apart from these management clubs there are general interest clubs like debate, movie, dramatics, literary and music
that organize various activities for recreation and soft skills development. By actively participating in these clubs you will add
tremendous value to yourself in terms of both the organizing experience as well as by learning how to attain a work-life balance

The Operations Club is a student-run club that works to create a community at Jaipuria to learn and share knowledge about operations and provides its members the education and tools required to succeed in Operations careers. This club is actively engaged in raising awareness, interest, and knowledge about Operations Management among Jaipuria students within and beyond the classroom.

The OC is dedicated to developing leaders able to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s dynamic business environment. The OC organizes various activities like debate, quizzes, guest talks, industrial visits; invite people from industry to speak about recent practices and job opportunities etc.

The Systems Club of Jaipuria Noida is dedicated towards fostering a high degree of awareness about the different facets of the IT World among budding managers. With business going global and electronic, a keen understanding of Information Technology can provide managers the extra edge that would enable them and their businesses to achieve exceptional results. This student driven club encourages to provide the students technological knowledge, while at the same time keeping the fun element alive through innovative activities and events.

Marketing Club is largely a student-driven club. It tries to bring out in students a marketing acumen through various activities. Regular debates, talks, discussion, workshops are held with an eye to bring to the fore latest marketing concepts, practices, and innovations to sharpen the mental ability of students.

The Marketing Club focus on advanced concepts and constructs like Brand Personality, Brand Equity, Integrated marketing communication, Digital marketing etc.

IPSA – The student driven HR club of Jaipuria Noida. It has been organizing several management games, team building games, Inter college events in Uddan, guest talk among many other events. The members of the club invite corporate heads in HR, as well as leading academics to help students gain insights into the latest developments of Human Resources. IPSA also facilitates live projects and brain-storming on current issues in the area of Human Resources.

Debate Club at Jaipuria Noida is being established with the objective of honing the debating skilss in the students. This helps the members in enhacing their language proficiency, research, critical and logical thinking skills.

Literary Club of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida is in place to promote appreciation for literature besides developing reading, writing and listening skills of its students.

The objective of the Literary Club is to facilitate its members to gain knowledge and develop skills from unbiased learning and thinking process and participation in the knowledge based society.

The Club strives to achieve these objectives, by encouraging member to do original writings in form of essays, books, articles, poetry, memoir etc., reading good literature and sharing it with club members. Club activities, besides providing vent to the thinking minds are aimed to improve the communication skills, diction and speech delivery through public speaking.

The Club draws its members from the interested students and teaching fraternity of the Institute, who have flare for any form of literature apart from strong urge for self development and willing to share with each other.

‘Mridang’- The music club at Jaipuria Noida is an endeavour to promote colours of happiness, fun, peace and creativity in the campus life of our students. It aims at fostering an appreciation for music and its related activities. The club activities inclusive various celebrations like Independence day, Celebration of national festivals, Antakshari, Talent hunts- Voice of Jaipuria Noida and Workshops.

Learning beyond classrooms can also be done through cinema. The existing literature suggest that certain aspect of life and management can be learn better through cinema than classroom lectures and books.

The movie Club occupies a special place in every student’s heart. Its tremendous popularity can be gauged by the fact that it has lot of student members, a number that adds up every year. It has been a trend that every fresher in the college would join the movie Club. The club was started by a few ardent movie enthusiasts with the aim of providing regular Learning and inspiration through entertainment to students of Jaipuria Noida in the form of interesting as well as enlightening cinema. The club screens a movie every month at the campus Auditorium.

The movie Club has a wide range of movies – 40 English, 60 Hindi and 15 Other – bears ample testimony to the fact the club can boast not only of quantity, but also of quality. Keeping all interests in mind, the club has something for each of its members. From ‘The Godfather’ to ‘Guide’, from ‘The Seven Samurai’ to ‘Parineeta’, the movies cater to multiple and varied backgrounds. Jaipuria students are not merely spectators but knowledgeable about cinema.

PGDM Committee: Student members from different PGDM programmes functions for the facilitation of academic administration. The committee works with the Programme Directors to ensure an effective and conducive academic environment for the students.

Campus Committee: Students from different PGDM programmes works for the facilitation of general administration. The committee works with the Administration Officer to ensure a safe, clean and lively campus environment for the students.

Student Affairs Students Committee: This committee is constituted to organize two mega events of the college. One is Udaan-the annual fest of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida and the other is Spic Macay. The team of Udaan consists of main coordinators and event coordinators who volunteer and work to organize the two day annual fest that covers a range of management events such as business idea competition, entrepreneurial puzzle game, business quiz, innovation under constraints, face painting, ad- parade, cyber gaming, equity research, website building, rangoli, fashion show, singing, dance competition and literary & fine arts besides CSR initiatives.

Managed by students of Jaipuria Noida. The hostel committee club organizes competitions, celebrates festivals and conducts other activities to bring the capabilities and potentialities of the students to the fore. Moreover the committee ensure that a lively atmosphers prevails through various enriching events in the hostel, that provides a excellent living experience to the residents.

The academic oriented Finance club known as “Hiranya” encourages students for knowledge sharing in their areas of specialization. The club invites experts from the industry for guest talks, panel discussions and seminars.

It also organizes various finance related events such as making a business plan, quizzes, and debates. Apart from this ‘Hiryana’ is also publishing a fortnightly newsletter – “The Crunch”. The newsletter covers summary of all important events, related to corporate and economy. It also gives the information related to important Economic and Financial indicators. The newsletter has one section for students’ articles which is called as Hiryana Think tank.

This club works in disseminating better understanding of finance in simpler terms and updating current financial trends through a newsletter. The number crunchers of Jaipuria tries to take the students to the doorsteps of the professional world; be it via Capstone Business Simulation, or Manthan – an online stock trading game, helping hone the skills of future investment bankers and portfolio analysts.

Instilling passion for marketing among the students, making them understand that marketing is a way of life, an orientation and a philosophy. Introducing them to the wonderful world of Networking and also providing opportunities for the students of Jaipuria Jaipur to unleash their creativity and enhance their marketing quotient are also some of the aspects that the club inquires upon. This is the club that teaches students on campus and instills among them the spirit of ‘Walk the Talk’. A club that is prides on the celebration of life with loads of fun and learning.

“Concern”- the HR club endeavors to inculcate interest in Human Resource related activities among students. Here we believe that the need of the hour is to use the HR concepts in real life situations. The club would also be organizing activities to develop interpersonal skills, necessary to survive in the corporate world. The club is actively run by students and encourages them to participate, arrange and organize the events successfully. The club activities also focus on developing team spirit among the students.

The current world is not alone. There is the physical address and then there is the virtual address. Digital world and communication is rolling juggernaut consuming every element of our life with its presence and hence imperative for the managers of tomorrow. With this in mind geeky students and faculty on campus from Jaipuria Jaipur join hands together and impart and discuss their knowledge and understanding of the wired world. Whether it is search engines, micro-blogging sites, Skype, to social media engines,further to Digital Marketing, retail,Cloud computing to Web 2.0 life begins here, where others fear to tread.Virtual life is their real identity.

Desert Devils sports association is a club from Jaipuria Jaipur for the purpose of sports participation internally and externally. It promotes and provides opportunities for groups and individuals to become more involved in sport and physical activity. The sports facilities at the club include Badminton, Table Tennis, Health Centre, Cricket, Volleyball, Chess, Gymnastics, etc. All sport programs are designed to maximize participation from all sections of the student community and provide pathways that enable maximization of sporting abilities, aspirations and potential.

Ehsaas means ‘Realization’ and that is how we celebrate the ability, traditional mores and harmonious nature of our students. This art, culture, & music club rejoices in the extra-curricular development of students and brings out the hidden talents of among them; cajoling to participate in the internal festivities as well as external competitions across the country. The primary objective is to help students move out of their comfort zones and drop their inhibitions. SPIC MACAY also is an integral component of this club. It stands for “Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth”. It seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of India’s rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the students through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values amongst them.

Throughout history entrepreneurs have transformed society by generating innovative ideas and implementing them pragmatically. The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) at the Institute in association with National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) promotes entrepreneurial initiative amongst students and is named ‘Prayaas’. E- Cell aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit and motivating students to start-up their own enterprise instead of looking for jobs. E-Cell at Jaipuria Jaipur organizes various activities all round the year to promote entrepreneurial orientation and culture among the student community.

Abhivyakti the promotionalclub from aimed at building brand ‘Jaipuria’ in the marketplace. It initiates variety of activities including presentations, events, sponsorship and other campus based initiatives. The main objective is to ensure top of the mind recall for the brand ‘Jaipuria’.

Persona is our façade to the world. Soft skills and personality helps an individual to succeed. One need to keep oneself abreast with the latest developments economic, business, political etc. Inquest is a step towards helping Jaipuria Jaipur students succeed in professional world through complete development of personality be it newspaper analysis, debates, eminent personalities delivering guest lectures, workshops on personality development etc. The idea is to enable the students to participate in literary and creative events throughout the year.

Jaipuria Jaipur cultivate and nurture dreams of the students, and assist them in transmission of knowledge and skills and develop reflective practice. Industry personnel and faculty members offers students a mentoring environment, and sustainable through process which provides them with an opportunity to achieve academic success and healthy development of themselves. Dreams and ideas get exchanged and celebrated throughout the year. This clinic has helped students to work in variety of settings, integration of theory into practice, and holistic career development.

Jaipuria Jaipur’s Acumen is a bi-weekly speaker series that brings creative and innovative leaders from technology, corporate, education, and finance to share their thoughts, opinions and insights with future managers. These sessions help in the transferring of knowledge, skills and overall personality development.

The Marketing Club is an endeavor to build practical knowledge and skills particular to the area of Marketing amongst the students. Students play a major role in organizing various events of the club. Events such as a marketing plan based competition, ‘Marketing Wizard’, Brand Quiz, Movie Screening, Marketing Mela , Industry expert talks, etc. are the regular activities of the club. Marketing Conclave, the signature event of the club , is held every year, in the month of October. The marketing conclave brings in the real industry experience shared by Industry experts in the area of Marketing.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Aditi Naidu

Finance & Economics Club has been formed with a basic idea of creating a platform for our PGDM students in the area of Finance and Economics. Finance and Economics Club helps students to plan and organize activities by interfacing with industry practitioners. This club offers opportunities to show case your talent and organizing skills to complement and supplement the class based learning. Through Finance Club you can increase your strategic knowledge in the area of Finance and remain updated with the market. One of the objectives of club is to invite professionals from corporates, so that students can have better exposure to the external world.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Priti Bakhshi

The HR club endeavors to sensitise students towards the nuances of HR and inculcate interest in Human Resource related activities among them. HR Club will offer you ample opportunities to hone and enhance your social, interpersonal, and communication skills in a natural way by organizing and managing various HR activities and events. The club is actively run by students and encourages them to participate, arrange and organize HR related events. The club activities also focus on developing team spirit among the students.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Arindam Saha

This is in association with the National Entrepreneurship Network; the e-cell at Jaipuria, Indore is fairly active, and goes by the name of ‘The E-Spark Club’. The main purpose is to bring out the hidden entrepreneurial skills and create a spark of freshness with focus on Innovation, Creativity, and Imagination. Activities include running campus companies, liaising with venture capitalists to pitch ideas and raise funds, understand and learn the complete process of running a business and creation of the entrepreneurial spirit amongst all.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Megha Jain & Prof. Priti Bakhshi

The corporate interface cell endeavors at facilitating participation for Industry Interaction, Creating and spreading innovative models and ensure regular practice on such models. The corporate interface cell works closely with the industry to develop relationships and network with senior level executives at public and private organization.

The purpose is to ensure that every participant is industry ready, and the corporate world also gets to know in details about the innovations at the Institute. Summer and Winter Immersion, industry networking and live industry projects are facilitated through the cell. There are study groups, personality development exercises, language and personal growth labs and counseling facilities in which students are regularly involved to ensure that there is collective growth and transformation of all students.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Jagdish Bhagwat

The aim of this club is to blend different cultural and regional identities to give rise to the unique Institute culture where students learn the importance and harmony amidst diversity. World cinema forum, dance and fitness workshops, theatre production, organizing cultural evenings to provide learning from cross cultures, language learning are part of the activities. The endeavor is to ensure that every student goes out with mastering at least one ‘skill’ set beyond the academic requirements and also emerges culturally stronger with empathy towards the requirements of the world.

Faculty Coordinator:

Prof. Devika Trehan IProf. Kalyani Parmal I Prof. Charu Dubey I Prof. Arindam Saha I Prof. Aditi Naidu

The main focus of sports club is not only playing games but also make sure that there is improvement in the quality of life, fitness and health through daily exercises.To promote student interests in games and sports, sports meets are organized once a year and different matches and tournaments are held throughout the year. The Campus has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports-TT, carom, chess, volleyball, cricket, football and basketball. The club organizes morning yoga and gym sessions, evening walks and wellness and grooming sessions to facilitate a better lifestyle for all.

The club works on everything for the “WTF” generation. WTF, Wiki, Twitter and FaceBook! The names are suggestive, and encompassing the wide arena of the digital world. The IT Club helps students to understand the current trends and needs of the IT job market. It motivates student community and making an approach towards the digital age and educates everyone about power of social media. One of the key objectives of IT club is to expand the understanding of the future of the computing professions, and their value in the business world. The Club organizes various activities for students and faculty members which help them to understand latest tools and techniques of IT and social media in order to gain the confidence in their professional career ahead.

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Pooja Kushwaha

The Media Relations Club at Jaipuria is a student-led initiative. Set up and followed across all locations -Lucknow, Jaipur, Noida and Indore -the MRC works towards building the Jaipuria brand. Interestingly, it also brings students, alumni, aspirants and corporate houses together onto the same dynamic platform.In a bid to build brand Jaipuria, students come up with story ideas and feature events on the campus through different mediums, which are then showcased on the website and on social media. Members also manage relationships with different media for campus events and look after the social media properties of Jaipuria.

PGDM committee comprise of student members from PGDM programme. The committee will function for the facilitation of academic administration. The committee will work with the Programme Director to ensure an effective and conducive academic environment for the students.

Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Romi Saini