Engineers have a beautiful balance of passion and precision and thus share a greater onus in crafting sustainable solutions for a brighter tomorrow!

SRIJAN is a contest especially curated for engineers who are curious, hopeful, troubleshooters and inclusive and want to make a positive change. It’s a shoutout to engineers who are passionate and emotional about making their neighbourhood, city and country a better place to live.

Are sustainable human societies under a threat? Do we have credible measures of the magnitude of the threat? Is it possible to understand how we got to this point? Is it possible for us to find our way towards sustainable societies? If you think that the answer is "Yes”, you are the right one to participate in SRIJAN.

You may choose one theme and provide solutions for the same: ↪

Icon 1 Public health and pandemics
Icon 2 Climate change and environmental degradation
Icon 3 Urban mobility solutions
Icon 4 Youth well-being, health and happiness
Icon 5 Poverty alleviation
Icon 6 Mainstreaming primary and education
Icon 7 Affordable and clean energy

Work on any one of the above themes comprehensively, brainstorm and come up with ideas which can be presented through a power point presentation, poster or a video.


  1. It shall be a screening round;
  2. A online quiz on design and engineering fundamentals shall be held at your institute. A team of 2-4 members shall be attempting the quiz (30 minutes, 50 questions); and
  3. Top 3 teams shall be announced as winners and qualify for Round 2.
  1. Teams are expected to prepare a presentation, poster, or video on the chosen theme.
  2. The presentation, poster, or video should cover the following:
    • Current situation analysis of the chosen theme.
    • Propose an innovative solution to improve the situation.
    • Evaluate the feasibility of the solution.
    • Assess the scalability of the solution.
    • Provide ideas for promoting the solution and making it mainstream.
    • Include best practices from around the globe.
  3. The participating college, institute, or university must nominate a faculty member to guide the selected teams. This is to give credit to the faculty guide and ensure a professional presentation of ideas.
  4. Participants are required to make a 10-minute presentation, either via Zoom or at Jaipuria Campus, as preferred by the team, followed by a question and answer session.
  1. Selected top 15 teams chosen from Round 2 shall present the ideas to a jury comprising experts in the domain of sustainability.
  2. The participants shall have to make a 20 minutes presentation followed by question and answer session.


For Round1

  • I Prize: Rs. 2100/-
  • II Prize: Rs. 1500/-
  • III Prize: Rs. 1100/-

For Finale

  • I Prize: Rs. 51,000/-
  • II Prize: Rs. 21, 000/-
  • III Prize: Rs. 11,000/-

Rs. 5100/- each for faculty guide accompanying the winning team

Participation certificates for all participants after screening round.

Important Timelines

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