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Centre For Entrepreneurship & Incubation (CEI)

The institute is currently emphasizing in the area of entrepreneurship, incubation and innovation in line with the national priorities. In order to strengthen the focus area, The E-Cell of the institute had taken a new initiative by launching an Incubation centre in the Campus. Progress has been made in advancing the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Incubation (CEI) at the campus.

The Jaipuria innovation and Startup policy for students enables active engagement of students, faculty members and members of staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities. The initiatives of the Centre are aligned with the National Innovation and Startup Policy initiated by AICTE under Ministry of Education, GoI that states Startups Enabling Institutional Infrastructure, practices for nurturing innovations and startups. It also elaborates Innovation pipeline and pathways for Entrepreneurs at Institute Level, Pedagogy and Learning Interventions for Entrepreneurship Development Collaboration.

The Institute was awarded 4 star certificate from AICTE in 2020-21 for undertaking various activities prescribed by MoEd. from time to time.

CEFB & CEI has helped the students to gain insights about various topics related to ideation, entrepreneurship and innovation. The journey of entrepreneurial cell of Jaipuria Noida began by providing guest talks on the topics related to ideation and innovation. This helped the students to learn about the basics of entrepreneurship and developing the ideas. These competitions basically focused on gaining key skills required to become an entrepreneur. The students gained the skills like problem solving, advertising, business plan preparation, pitching of their ideas, innovation and ideation. Moreover, the PM YUVA Yojana- Student Awareness Programme helped the students to gain the awareness about various schemes that our government provides to help young entrepreneurs.

Moving ahead, CEFB organized mentoring sessions with an industry mentor who could guide the students about the missing pieces of their entrepreneurial puzzles. The mentor helped the students to understand how they need to work on their ideas to make them market ready.

The students participated in different contests and presented their ideas on various forums of premier B-Schools such as IIT Delhi, Mumbai etc. It also helped them gaining new insight and experience to work on the ideas. CEFB also gave an opportunity to selected students to work on their start-up ideas during the summer internship programme. CEFB organizes the BOP- Business orientation programme every year.

CEI successfully  organized “orientation session with innovation ambassador”. This event mainly focused on the NISP policies and creating awareness about these policies by MHRD. This policy also addresses the IPR policy which mentions all the issues related to IP and Product Ownership Rights for Technologies Developed at Institute, Organizational Capacity and Start Up policy for promoting and nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship to motivate the students to opt entrepreneurship as a carrier option.

The NISP implemented at the Institute is with the aim of facilitating students in pursuing their entrepreneurship and Innovation goals.


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