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CD01Product brand to company brandSuresh, J & Anand, K B S
CD02Creating iconic brands in the Indian marketKansal, Rahu, & Jejurikar, Rajesh
CD03Building successful brands in the 21st centuryMathuraman, B & Chadha, Dharen
CD04Decoding the cultural language for marketingDesai, Santosh and Mathew, A F
CD05Preemptive CRM: retaining customers when competition emulatesEllis, Len and Sethi, Rajat
CD06Mobilizing change: the public sector enterprise the private sector enterpriseRaha, Subir and Thapar, Gautam
CD07Engaging with the new Indian citizenPilot, Sachin and Maira, Arun
CD08Strategies for youth dominated marketsKurien, Bijou and Kent, Anthony
CD09Managing the people, social and cultural dimensions of globalizationBirla, Kumar Mangalam etc.
CD10Partnering beyond country bordersBuerkner, Hans Paul and Kalyani, M N
CD11Instilling the DNA of innovationMariwala, Harsh and Kanjilal, Jawahar
CD12Test your IQ: the times testing seriesThe Times Group
CD13Listening to the people: business interacts with societyChatterjee, Mirai and Prabhu, Suresh P
CD14Experiences: my firm and my journeyBajaj, Rajiv etc.
CD15Design as a strategic differentiatorGiannetti, Preeti Vyas and Stevens, Eric
CD16Organising across boardersDani, Jalaj and Booker, Niall
CD17Connecting across generations: leaders of the futureMittal, Kanika and Garg, Shailley
CD18IT tools for enhancing CRM Delivery systems quality applications for delivering CRMRawat, Sudhanshu and Mago, Sanjeev
CD19HR related aspects of CRM: rewards/recognition systemsDuggal, Sanjeev and Dutta, Rajan
CD20Innovate or evaporate: HR innovationsSachdev, Anil and Pandey, Rakesh
CD21HR execution in a M & A business environmentDwarkanath, P and Parasher, Ashwini
CD22Creating customer delight: delivering customer value, creating customer centric organizationSiddiqui, S Y and Chainani, gautam
CD23Importance of customer focus to an organizationKochar, Jayant
CD24Organization architecture/structure for effective service deliveryChaturvedi, Mukesh and Rana, Namrata
CD25Charting new directionsPuri, Bharat and Maira, Arun
CD26Connecting with the ne consumerPandey, Piyush and Rosa, rufino L Dela
CD27Speed & agilityChandrasekhar, S and Dubey, Rajeev
CD28Brain teasers: the times testing seriesThe Times Group
CD29Psychometric tests: the times testing seriesThe Times Group
CD30Test your aptitude: the times testing seriesThe Times Group
CD31People: India’s advantageSingh, N K and Rao, Jerry
CD32Managing the people, social and cultural dimensions of globalizationBirla, Kumar Mangalam etc
CD33Organising across bordersDani, Jalaj and Booker, Niall
CD34Design as a strategic differentiatorGiannetti, Preeti Vyas and Stevens, Eric
CD35Decoding the cultural language for marketingDesai, Santosh and Mathew, A F
CD36The greenhouse effectCentre for Science and Environment (CSE)
CD37Changing climates: the futureCentre for Science and Environment (CSE)
CD38After KyotoCentre for Science and Environment (CSE)
CD39Time managementGlobal Media
CD40Business planGlobal Media
CD41Employee trainingGlobal Media
CD42Principles of marketingGlobal Media
CD43Stress managementGlobal Media
CD44Performance managementGlobal Media
CD45Six-Sigma: a breakthrough strategyFICCI
CD46Maximizing competitive advantages business resultsFICCI
CD47Investment myths & truths: unmasked by the wisemen of financeCNBC TV 18
CD48How to transform business through gutsy leadershipCNBC TV 18
CD49Developing continuous improvement as an organizational strategyFICCI
CD50Income Tax: to pay or not to payLamba, Anil
CD51Business legends: learnt from India’s most influential change makersHSBC
CD52Budget 2008 demystifiedEDELWEOSS
CD53Everything you wanted to know about investingKOTAK
CD54Concise encyclopedia of business excellenceFICCI
CD55Stock market investments for the new investorThe Economic Times
CD56Retirement planning for a better futureThe Economic Times
CD57Build your monetary basics with finance for non-finance professionalsThe Economic Times
CD58Tension free tax planning for the young executiveThe Economic Times
CD59Mutual funds for the new investorThe Economic Times
CD60Personal financial planning for the young executiveThe Economic Times
CD61How to retire wealthy with retirement planningThe Economic Times
CD62Climbing the corporate ladder is easier with effective presentation skillsThe Economic Times
CD63How to multiply your money in stock marketThe Economic Times
CD64Balance risk and returns with low risk investmentsThe Economic Times
CD65Give your money the right direction with finance for non-finance professionalsThe Economic Times
CD66Advantage of safety and returns with low risk managementThe Economic Times
CD67Conquer the business world with the art of win-win negotiationsThe Economic Times
CD68Supply chain & logistics directions 2007The Economic Times
CD69Indian ConsumerThe Economic Times
CD70How to save on taxes with tension free tax planningThe Economic Times
CD71Balance risk and returns with advanced stock market investmentsThe Economic Times
CD72Writing for businessThe Economic Times
CD73Advantage of safety and returns with low risk managementThe Economic Times
CD74Changing gears retailing in IndiaThe Economic Times
CD75HealthcareThe Economic Times
CD76How to improve your lifestyle by living on loansThe Economic Times
CD77How to invest smart with personal financial planningThe Economic Times
CD78How to secure your future with insurance planningThe Economic Times
CD79How to grow your money with mutual findsThe Economic Times
CD80Economics for managersThe Economic Times
CD81Elements of six sigmaThe Economic Times
CD82Real estate constructionThe Economic Times
CD83IT for managersThe Economic Times
CD84Designing world calls brandsNaware, Ravi and Sen, Anand
CD85Members Directory 2008: National HRD Network (Delhi Chapter)NHRDN
CD86By Mastering business stiquetteThe Economic Times
CD87An introduction to scientologyHubbard, L Ron
CD88Dianetics the original thesisHubbard, L Ron
CD89Scientology the fundamentals of thoughtHubbard, L Ron
CD90The way to happinessHubbard, L Ron
CD91Scientology – a new slant on lifeHubbard, L Ron
CD92The problems of workHubbard, L Ron
CD93Dianetics – the evolution of a scienceHubbard, L Ron
CD94Dianetics – the modern science of mental health, Volume – IHubbard, L Ron
CD95Dianetics – the modern science of mental health, Volume – IIHubbard, L Ron
CD96Dianetics – the modern science of mental health, Volume – IIIHubbard, L Ron
CD97Directory of diplomatic missions in India & abroad: Directory 2010-11Database Today
CD98Tycoons with vir sanghaviSanghavi, Vir
CD99The problems of work: Scientology applied to the use dianeticsHubbard, L. Ron
CD100How to use dianeticsHubbard, L. Ron
CD101The elastic aricraftAirbus
CD102The way to happiness: a common sense guide to better livingHubbard, L. Ron
CD103On the isha upanishadRanade, Sraddhalu
CD104Science religion & spiritualityRanade, Sraddhalu
CD105How to thinkRanade, Sraddhalu
CD106Who am I ? : an experiential perspectiveRanade, Sraddhalu
CD107Brain, mind and beyondRanade, Sraddhalu
CD108Yogi vs bhogiVandana, Khaitan
CD109Directory of schools of IndiaDatabase Global
CD110Technology and indusive growthThapar, Goutam
CD111Inclusive growth: opportunitics & challengesTarneja, Ram
CD112Providing the safety net: healthcare of all IndiansReddy, Preetha
CD113Connecting across generations: building sustainable Indian maultinationalsPilot, Sachin
CD114Sustainable economic growth & challengesMaira, Arun
CD115Creating inclusive growthChidambaram, P.
CD116India’s urban rising: delivering on the urban infrastructure promise indiaNath, Kamal
CD117Building capabilitics: towards in clusive growthSengupta, Rajarshi
CD118Masters of modern managementWide Educational Products & Services
CD119FIIB Marketing Analytics Conferece 2013Fortune Institute of International Business
CD120Essentals of Presentation SkillsCNBC TV 18
CD121Essentials of Communication SkillsCNBC TV 18
CD122Directoy of CEOs MDs in India 2017Database Global
CD123The Scientology Handbook: Tools for LifeHubbard, L. Ron
CD124Scientology: A New Slant on LifeHubbard, L. Ron
CD125Scientology: The Fundamentals of ThoughtHubbard, L. Ron
CD126Dianetics: The Original ThesisHubbard, L. Ron
CD127Dianetics: The Evolution of a ScienceHubbard, L. Ron