Policy to Weed-out Resources from the Library

Weeding Out Policy

Weeding-out outdated collection is very necessary to keep library up-to-date, for space saving and to create space for the latest collection in the library. Jaipuria, Noida library will follow following guidelines to weed-out/ write-off the surplus/damaged/unwanted documents. Weeding-out collection under this policy is different from writing off the books with due permission by the Director due to theft/stealing in the library.

  1. Director of the institute will form a committee consists of a faculty member from each specialization area, members of the library committee and the librarian.
  2. Library staff will assist the committee and the librarian in preparing the list of outdated books no more in circulation or the books having two editions that are more recent already in the library.
  3. For core textbooks/book bank books, whenever any new edition is procured for all students or if a course is discontinued then after two years gestation period, all such books will be included in the weed-out list by the library staff.
  4. For subjects where new policies or rules changes every year e.g. taxation, old editions for more than two years will also be included in the list.
  5. Books, which were torn off, whose pages were teared off, or which were mutilated, all such books will also be included in the weed-out list by the library staff.
  6. For areas like Computers/Information Technology all books related to obsolete technologies/software/hardware will also be included in the weed-out list after a gap of three years.
  7. A compiled list by the library staff with details of the books, cost, copies available in the library, year of purchase, accession number and reasons for inclusion in the weed-out list will be put before the Weed-out committee members.
  8. Weed-out committee will deliberate upon the list and check if there are chances of such books use again in future or if any of these books may be used in other program of the institute if any. Committee will also look into the aspect that no book termed as classic or needed for research purpose for posterity is included in the list.
  9. Committee will also verify physical availability of such books to avoid inclusion of books stolen from the library in this list. Faculty Member of each specialization area deputed in the committee will endorse weeding-out books related to their area of specialization.
  10. Once committee is satisfied, committee members will recommend weeding-out of the collection from the library to the Director. Director has full discretion to accept/reject fully or partially committee recommendations keeping the institute’s interest in mind. Once the Director approves the committee recommendations in writing, library will initiate process of weeding-out that collection from the library and update entries in the Accession Register and in library automation software mentioning reasons and date of weeding-out of any book.
  11. Printed magazines/journals, which serve only immediate requirements, may also be included for weeding-out to create space for future issues in the periodicals shelves. Library need to maintain all magazines/journal issues for a minimum period of one year before including any magazine/journal for weeding-out consideration.
  12. The weeded-out collection may either be donated to some other needy library or may be disposed as per the standard policy of the institute.