Collection Development Policy and Procurement Procedure for LRC Material

Collection Development Policy

Our collection development policy is developed keeping in mind the vision, mission and goals of the LRC. It provides a framework for the development and maintenance of LRC collection as per the priorities of users. This policy establishesa selection criterionthat covers different subjects and media in a balanced approach and creates a consistent and coherent basis for the future development of our collection. The policy provides guidelines to LRC committee and librarian for procurement of LRC material. It is not exhaustive in its provisions and not every item considered for acquisition is unambiguously included or excluded by the policy. It is subjected to revision from time to time as per circumstances requirements.

Selection Procedure

  • A LRC committee is formed comprising of subject specialists from different functional areas and librarian. Librarian will be the de facto Secretary and Convener of the committee. Committee will suggest, select and recommend books from varied sources including that come on approval, through catalogues, or through information from different sources best known to committee members.
  • LRC shall invite and welcome any voluntary recommendations from regular faculty, visiting faculty, experts from industry, different departments, regular students, alumni and research scholars for recommending any book for the library. These recommendations can be sent through mail or record in Requisition Register kept in library and will be placed before LRC committee, which will go through them and finalize the purchase decision based upon availability of funds and suitability of recommendations with institute’s vision, mission and goals.
  • Purchase decisions up to Five thousand rupees can directly be taken by the Librarian.
  • After LRC Committee approval, purchase orders need to be authorized and signed by Director of the institute.
  • When an item is relatively expensive, or is considered to be of highly specialized interest, acquisition on inter-LRC loan might be more appropriate than purchase.
  • LRC will not discriminate against any material on the grounds of race, religion, sex, political controversy or social acceptability. Serious books or periodicals falling within the normal criteria for selection but expressing opinions or containing illustrations which might be considered blasphemous, offensive or distasteful are acquired, subject to any legal restrictions.
  • Prior approval of Director will be needed before finalization of any online/offline database. However, LRC committee or librarian are free to recommend the same to competent authority.
  • Faculty can purchase a book directly from the market at proper discount if they find it really relevant and useful for subjects taught at institute. Librarian will arrange to reimburse the money after taking custody of the book and entered it in the LRC accession register.

Procurement Procedure

  • Material requisition can be made through e-mail or entered into Library Requisition Register kept in the library.
  • After ensuring that required material is not already available in LRC, such recommendations will be discussed in LRC committee meeting called from time to time depending upon requirements.
  • Recommendations of the committee will be sent to Director for approval.
  • Librarian will be free to place the order with any regular vendor already supplying the books to LRC.
  • Librarian will process the bill for payment after ensuring the safe receipt of books in good condition from vendor and after entering the same into LRC accession register. Accounts Section will make the payments based upon attachment of approval papers and bills. Account section or auditor can counter check with LRC if any discrepancy is observed in bill.