Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM): A Study Of Its Role, Influence & Benefitsto E-commerce
Volume: 18 Number: 1 Year: 2018

Sarita Maxwell
Amir Moin Khan


Internet and other developing computing and communicative techniques have redesigned the way of commerce, erased old boundaries of time, place and have shaped novel cybernetic societies of customer and suppliers with new demands of products and services. E-CRM has also been becoming an important aspect in this regard since the emergence of technology as it encompasses all the CRM functions over the internet. Emerging usage of internet for commercial purposes has increased the impact of e-commerce on the entire business events done globally. Now India, China, Brazil and many South East Asian nations have become the center of the IT-enabled services and now providing essential means to conduct worldwide e-commerce effortlessly. Therefore, with increased competition in the global e-market, now the emphasis is slowly flowing to the customers. So real challenge lies in retaining those customers rather than just acquiring new. That is why most of the business organizations in the world have already started assimilating Customer Relationships Management Strategies and Policies into the e-commerce ambiance so as to provoke customer's interest and instant customers' fulfillment in the long run so that the customer is retained without unwavering loyalty. The main reason for presenting this subjective paper is to focus on how the CRM plays its role in Ecommerce and what sort of impact does it give on the same. Globalization also has brought in its wake a widespread and wonderful prospect for the development of e-commerce thus increasing the significance of business at a low cost and in the disturbance-free transactional atmosphere in a very rapid time. Apart from that, Localization also dictates and makes local socio-political conditions to be measured while incorporating CRM strategies in the modern e-commerce environment. Overall, this paper is an effort to showcase the E-CRM's role in E-Commerce, its impact and various benefits that it gives to E-commerce.

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