To Identify The Reasons That Act As Critical Resistors For Online Shopping (A Survey In Delhi NCR Region)
Volume: 18 Number: 1 Year: 2018

Ruchi Malik Gorai


On-line shopping is a form of electronic commerce where the buyer is directly online to the seller's computer usually through the internet. The sale and purchase transaction is completed electronically and interactively in real time for eg: and Unfortunately, India has lagged in e-retail growth story due to low density of internet connections, lower penetration of credit cards and customer anxiety in using new technologies. The growing use of Internet in India provides a developing prospect for online shopping. These online retailers are formulating many enduring promotional offers that is motivating people to change their behaviour and rather shop online. In case of services like banking, travel and tourism a drastic change is surely witnessed. However, in case of physical products there are multiple factors that are acting as resistors for them to shop online. This paper focuses on those factors which acts as a major hindrance for anyone while shopping online. These critical resistors are broadly divided into the following categories: psychological, behavioural, demographic cultural and social factors and product category factors. For the present study a sample of 300 was considered from Delhi (NCR) region to find out how these factors play a critical role while shopping online.

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