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Decoding Diverse Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Leadership With Special emphasis on Persuasive Communication
Volume: 17 Number: 1 Year: 2017

Manpreet Arora
Roshan Lal Sharma


This paper seeks to study diverse dimensions of entrepreneurial leadership with special emphasis on persuasive communication, which we believe is critically crucial. In fact, it is persuasive and empathetic, rather than coercive and hegemonic communication, which ensures success of any business venture. After dealing with implications of the term, ‘leadership’ and its theorization by scholars over the years, its entrepreneurial aspects will be discussed. Entrepreneurial leadership cannot be imagined without its communicative dimension. The premise of this paper is that persuasive communication holds the key to successful entrepreneurial leadership. Thus, we intend to privilege communicative persuasiveness as the core of entrepreneurial leadership today via taking into account its various facets such as clarity of business vision, rationality of thought, effective and empathetic articulation, etc. We are of the considered opinion that until persuasiveness in communicative entrepreneurial leadership praxis is accorded place of centrality, entire implementation process of the business vision and strategies may get impeded.

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