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A Framework of Cultural Intelligence in Context to Leaders, Teams & Organizations
Volume: 17 Number: 1 Year: 2017

Aditi Sharma Dogra
Varsha Dixit


Rapid globalization has led to richness in diversity of workforce in today’s organization. Borderless economy has resulted in imparting international experience and exposure to the workforce further enabling them to handle international projects or assignments effectively. There is an essence of competent Leaders who can lead such diverse teams to drive the organization towards growth with varying environment. In this paper, an attempt has been made to develop a conceptual model based on the challenging issue of whether today’s organization be called a culturally intelligent organization. This is done by building and integrating various constructs to study the relationship between Leader CQ, Team CQ and Organization CQ. This paper also gives an overview of the existing concepts related to it. The paper further discusses the variables and sub variables in detail which can provide a boost to the performance of managers as well as the teams in international arena.

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