Service Quality Measurement in Indian Hotels: Factor Structure & Scale Validation
Volume: 17 Number: 2 Year: 2017

Mohd. Nasir
Mohd. Adil


With the rapid growth of hospitality industry, many hoteliers have developed their online capabilities and evolved into competitive dual-channel service providers. In such a case, strategic consumers have more options to book a hotel enabling them to choose the best time and the best channel. This study aims at measuring service quality being offered by traditional hotels in Allahabad with the help of SERVPERF model. Besides, it also attempts to investigate the dimensionality, item structure and psychometric properties of the SERVPERF scale in Indian hotel industry.

Findings reveal that SERVPERF scale fails to hold all the original items and hence, fails to confirm the standard item assemblage within the backdrop of hotel industry. In all, seven dimensions have emerged contrary to the original five-dimensions namely-tangibles, assurance, reliability, responsiveness and empathy. Besides this, there were also a number of considerable issues which form the basis for the current research. The outcome of the current study will be of help to managers of Indian hotel industry to analyze their service offerings with reference to the suggested seven key factors and accordingly develop strategies to highlight and prioritize them.

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