Factors Influencing the Purchase Decision of Rural Consumers: A study in the Rural Markets of Gujarat (India).
Volume: 16 Number: 2 Year: 2017

Dr. Indra Meghrajani


The paper is an attempt to understand the purchase behavior of rural consumers with reference to selected FMCG product. This is done by studying factors influencing their purchase decision, counterfeit products and their use, and the role of retailers in influencing the purchase decision of rural consumers of Gujarat. There is a wide availability of counterfeit products in the rural markets of Gujarat and the people are sometimes kept away formt the genuine products.

The marketing implications got for the study contributes towards understanding the profile of the villagers. The demographic profile is very important to the marketers to study the needs and preference of the customers as per their gender, age, education and income. This helps the marketers to design the strategies which would be useful in selling the products to customer of different age group, gender, education and income. Price and value for money has been found the most important factors. The rural customers would prefer any brand which would be either low priced, may be in their budgets or may give them the value for their money. The rural customers are well aware of all the brands but they are unable to distinguish between the genuine and the counterfeits. Also the retailers are an important medium to influence them to buy the products.

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