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Effect of salesforce control system and supervisory behaviour on job satisfaction of salespeople: A review of studies
Volume: 16 Number: 2 Year: 2017

Ms Zoha Fatima
Dr. M. Khalid Azam


A salesforce control system is an organization’s process to monitor, direct, evaluate and reward salespeople (Anderson and Oliver, 1987). It has an impact on salesforce job satisfaction, job performance as well as on the results achieved by the organization. Due to its importance in affecting salespeople and organizational variables, sales organizations are making efforts to choose the right kind of salesforce control system (either behaviour based or outcome based or hybrid salesforce control system). Moreover, the other factor that is closely related to salesforce control system and which has important influence on salesforce characteristics like job satisfaction is supervisory behaviour of sales managers. This paper contributes by making an attempt to analyze the effect of salesforce control system as well as sales manager supervisory behaviour on job satisfaction of salespeople.The analysis is based on the review of studies taken from the period 1976 to 2014.Based on the findings of the review, research implications are stated.

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