A Study on Work Life Balance of Pharmacy College Teachers in Kerala
Volume: 16 Number: 1 Year: 2016

Dhanya J.S.
D. Kinslin

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Objective: The satisfaction in a job or work would be depending on many factors like remuneration, work conditions, growth prospects, support for teachers and other related factors. One of the most important such factors as found from the result of much research conducted in this domain is, Work Life Balance (WLB).

Introduction: Work Life balance can be described as a measure of the balance that exists between the job and the personal life of an employee. Much study has been conducted in this regard as the clash between personal or family life of an employee and the work is said to affect many other depending factors like performance, output, dedication and morale.

Analysis: This study has been carried out among the pharmacy college teachers in Kerala. The study looks into the awareness of teachers about the Work Life Balance policies in pharmacy colleges in Kerala, to determine its effectiveness in implementation, to determine if there is proper balance between Work and personal lives of teachers and to suggest strategies for improvement.

Findings: The study identified that a significant number of pharmacy college teachers are not aware about the WLB policies available but they unknowingly are enjoying the main WLB policies such as Flexible hours in general, task sharing & Holidays.

Novelty: The various factors affecting the work life balance of teachers like shift work, extra hours, shortage of man power and other related aspects have been marked out in the study and suggestions for improvements like formation of a separate Work Life Balance cell have been put forward.


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