Consumer's Behaviour While Purchasing Apparels In Sale Period
Volume: 16 Number: 1 Year: 2016

Meenakshi Kukreja


Consumer behaviour study is an effort to comprehend the buying pattern of the final consumer. Consumer’s frequency of purchase and buying habits depict how sellers and marketers are promoting their product and luring customers time and again through their attractive sales promotion deals. Brain finds pleasure in the pursuit of inexpensive, and by tapping on the same idea, sellers are introducing repeat sales and low price deals along with added benefits to make their customers loyal towards them, thereby making the competition between physical and online retail store fierce day by day. This study examines the impact of influential determinants of consumer’s buying decision for clothes during sales with respect to various demographic variables. The comprehensive study analyzed factors that affect the purchase of apparels from physical and/or online retail store. The result also provides deeper insight into different forms of sales customers prefer while searching for the best deal. It helps in understanding consumer’s buying habits and making consumer’s experience economical and memorable. It is ideal for marketers and sellers to take into consideration the fact that demographic variables are the underlying determinants to cater to customers’ needs and wants, and in order to meticulously understand the habits of customers, it should be carefully administered to be able to let customers’ repeat their purchase of apparels from physical and/or online retail store.

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