Communication as The Mainstay of Entrepreneurial Leadership: A Conceptual Framework
Volume: 15 Number: 2 Year: 2015

Roshan Lal Sharma
Manpreet Arora

Leadership and entrepreneurship, despite being discrete concepts, have to coalesce for sure success of any venture. Communicative ability, nevertheless, is critically crucial for a leader to build successful enterprise. It thus becomes imperative to understand the symbiotic relationship obtaining within this triumvirate namely communication, leadership and entrepreneurship. This paper views this relationship as communicative entrepreneurial leadership on the basis of critical survey of studies conducted by scholars concerning these areas. There have only been few and sparse studies available on entrepreneurial leadership with communication as their locus. This paper is conceptual and aims at positing that communication skills are the mainstay lending meaning to entrepreneurial leadership. We believe that it will contribute to growing field of integrated approaches to theorise communicative entrepreneurial leadership particularly when this domain is relatively fresh and demands concerted effort to present a viable conceptual framework blending entrepreneurship, communication and leadership.

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