Factors Affecting Online Consumers Purchase Intention
Volume: 15 Number: 2 Year: 2015

Shahnawaz Alam
Vikram Bansal
Abhijit Ghosh

Innovation in technology has enhanced many fields. The sector which is highly influenced by technological development is online retailing. The rapid spread of E-Commerce provides great benefits both for consumers and sellers. On the other side, the complexity of online marketplaces produces new issues and challenges. These escalating concerns about E-Commerce can restrict its growth and discourage consumers from performing online activities. This paper aims to examine the factors which affect the Indian online consumers’ purchase intention on the basis of framework proposed by the authors in the form of 3R’s (Reliability, Risk and Responsiveness) of online shopping. Since this study is conceptual in nature, the novelty of this article is mounted on researching the existing theoretical retail concepts and implying them in the case of current challenges faced by online consumers. The result of this study adds to the existing literature on E-Commerce by introducing the concept of 3R’s of online shopping which is found to be the major cause of concern among Indian econsumers and affect their online shopping intention resulting in distrust, dissatisfaction and disloyalty towards the online retailers.

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