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Environmental Concerns and Role of Media in Environment Management: A Few Possibilities
Volume: 12 Number: 2 Year: 2012

Seema Singh

Mass media is one of the most important factors underlying the knowledge of environmental problems. This can only be true on the conditions that first, mass media are accessible to large proportions of the population second, are spending some time on environmental issues and third, people are interested in information on ecological issues provided by the media so that they view or listen to the corresponding programs as well as read newspaper articles or other written publications dealing with environmental issues. Television, print news, radio broadcast, and the Internet are enlisted to help promote a "green" ethic and raise environmental awareness. Communication remains the most fundamental element of society and its progress. Therefore, the modern epoch of information technology - also known as the era of 'satellite communication' - necessitates mass media as part and parcel of human existence, experience, and endeavor. Through communication, members of a society share their experiences and knowledge, understand each other, and generate collective wisdom. The ever-expanding network of communication has overcome great distances and formidable boundaries. It has enabled the most essential and basic trait of human communication to thrive and flourish more splendidly. Today, various types of mass media enable people all over the world to interact and learn from each other at a tremendous pace. Communication, with the help of mass media, not only brings people but also communities together, thus contracting the globe into a village. The focus of present paper is to understand the environment concerns and to explore the role of media in environment management.

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