Investigating the Relationships between the Components of Transformational Leadership and Job Performance: An Empirical Study
Volume: 12 Number: 2 Year: 2012

Md. Sahidur Rahman
Shameema Ferdausy

This paper aims to investigate the relationships between the components of transformational leadership (such as, idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration) and job performance in a collectivistic society. Transformational leadership components were measured by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire 5X while job performance was assessed by Tsui et al.,'s Job Performance Scale. Data for this study were collected from 176 working MBA students who were asked to rate their managers' transformational leadership behavior and job performance studying at three private universities in Chittagong, a port city of Bangladesh, with the help of printed survey instruments. In data collection, this study used convenience sampling technique. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, bivariate correlation, and regression analysis. Results indicated a positive correlation between the components of transformational leadership and job performance. An important implication of the study is that managers should use their transformational leadership attributes to improve their own as well as subordinates' job performance. The most important limitation was to use the convenience samples that might limit the generalizability of the results. Future research directions are also discussed.

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