Employee Perception on Training: A Comparative Study of Manufacturing and Service Sector
Volume: 12 Number: 1 Year: 2012

Tripti Singh
Shefali Nandan
Ankit Singh

Competitive Industrial Organizations have realized the potential of training and development needs of employees for Human Resource value creation. However the employees perspective differ across manufacturing and service sector in India. The objective of the study is to do a comparative study of manufacturing and service sector in India with respect to employees’ perception of the training program regarding: its design, quality of the programme and its functions and role at various levels. An exploratory research is carried out on selected organizations amongst employees in both manufacturing and service organizations. It may be stated that in both manufacturing and services sector, though there exists a planned approach for employee training, the quality of training programmes needs to be improved. Manufacturing sector employees have better peception regarding the quality of training programs. Regarding functions and role of training program at individual level and role of training programme at the organisational level service sector employees have a better perception. Practical implications of these findings for manufacturing sector is that they need to review the objectives of the training prgrammes, which, it seems, need to be aligned with individual and organizational goals. Services sector needs to improve the quality of training programs.

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