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Acceptance of E-banking services among customers
Volume: 13 Number: 1 Year: 2013

Ms. Priyanka Arya
Mr. Prashant Saxena

E-Banking is spreading all over the world with speed, sometimes at the cost of throwing caution to the winds. This has not only transformed the banking and financial institutions in their modern form, but has also brought a paradigm shift in their attitude to banking operations. In India also, it has strongly impacted the strategic business considerations for banks.

In the last few decades, information technologies have changed the banking industry and have provided a way for the banks to offer differentiated products and services to their customers. The advent of technology made the banks which were used to branch based operations for over 200 years, change the nature of financial services offered to its customers. For instance, automated teller machines (ATM) displaced cashier tellers, telephone represented by the call centers replaced the branch banking, the internet replaced mail, credit cards and electronic cash replaced bank transactions. This paper brings out the measurement of customer perception towards E-Banking which is becoming very popular and convenient method of dealing with banks now-a-days.

E- Banking denotes the provision of banking and related service through Extensive use of information technology without direct recourse to the bank by the customer. In this paper consumer perception toward the usefulness and willingness to use e- banking are identified and measured. Customer satisfaction level towards the E- Banking has been identified. The paper is focused on customers’ perceptions about internet banking, the factors that drive consumers, how consumers have accepted internet banking and the ways to improve the usage rate. The objective of this research is to determine the factors influencing acceptance level of internet banking by the bank customers.

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