Social Protection Floor: A Socio Economic Development Policy
Volume: 13 Number: 1 Year: 2013

Dr. Gurpreet Randhawa

Recently the issue of social protection floor (SPF) has gained a strong momentum at International Labour Organisation (ILO) and World Health Organisation (WHO) meetings. A series of discussions are going on in ILO for a comprehensive instrument in the form of non-binding recommendation on social protection floor for providing basic social protection benefits for all. SPF is considered as a powerful instrument at national level for addressing the permanent human crisis. In this regard the present paper attempts to examine the concept of social protection floor and its significance. The paper is based on the secondary sources of data. For this purpose, the various research papers and publications of ILO, WHO and UNDP and, the reports published by the government and non-government agencies were considered. The paper attempts to contribute to the ongoing discussion on the relevance of a social protection floor in our country.

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