Non-Linear Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Prices in India: An Artificial Neural Networks Approach
Volume: 14 Number: 2 Year: 2014

Ahmad Siddiqui
Yusuf Abdullah

Neural networks are powerful forecasting tools that draw on the most recent developments in artificial intelligence research. They are non-linear models that can be trained to map past and future values of time series data and thereby extract hidden structures and relationships that direct the data. Many studies have shown that artificial neural networks have the capacity to learn the underlying mechanics of stock markets. In fact, artificial neural networks have been widely used for forecasting financial markets. However, such applications to Indian stock markets are scarce. The paper investigates the application of artificial neural networks to the dynamic interrelations between macroeconomic variables i.e. Foreign Exchange rate, Foreign Exchange reserves and Wholesale price index. Multilayer perceptron network is used to build the monthly prices model for CNX Nifty and the network is trained using Error Back Propagation algorithm. It is found that the predictive power of the network model is influenced by the previous values . The study shows that satisfactory results can be achieved when applying neural networks to predict the Indian Stock prices.

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