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Types of Personality and Stress Coping Approaches (Contrasting FCI and CWC Organisations)
Volume: 14 Number: 2 Year: 2014


Today the world is changing with -changing business environment .To keep a pace with this changing business environment one has to go through physical, mental, emotional and social stress. It has become important for an individual and the organization to keep them free from stress. For this purpose different kind of stress coping strategies are available. A comparative analysis was conducted on FCI and CWC organaisation to test stress coping approaches used by different personality type. For this t test, ANOVA and correlation analysis was conducted on a sample of 70 employees each from FCI and CWC organizations. Results indicated that extrovert people used emotional social support, planning as their stress coping strategies while as they rejected other strategies in both the organizations. Agreeableness type of personality people use mental disengagement, active coping, religious coping but both organizations do not use positive reinterpretation and growth, humor, restraint, emotional social support, acceptance ,planning as coping strategy The other types of personality consciousness, neuroticism ,openness use the same kind of stress coping strategies in both the organization.

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